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It has been announced that Merit Circle and Shrapnel have begun collaborative efforts. Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization that’s on a mission to revolutionize gaming by developing opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse.

Shrapnel is the upcoming AAA FPS game release that will be powered by the Avalanche Network. Thanks to blockchain technology, you won’t just compete to survive and extract — you’ll stake a permanent claim on the battlefield. Shrapnel is currently in pre-production and studio growth mode.

Rather than defining their upcoming game as a traditional play-to-earn, the team at Shrapnel has a more sustainable approach in mind which they are calling play-to-own. Merit Circle firmly believes that work can also be play, and the focus on entertainment in this play-to-earn industry should not be lost.

The partnership will be centered around introducing the community to the game and educating them on strategies and in-game mechanics. Merit is excited to be able to offer scholars multiple routes when it comes to choosing how to play the game. Through plots of land and classified materials, Merit will be able to create in-game items unique to Merit Circle and provide scholars with the necessary equipment to charge into battle!

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The collision of Asteroid 38 Sigma sent lunar shards spiraling toward Earth. They gouged a devastating ring around our planet, and the Sacrifice Zone was born. The damage was catastrophic, but in its wake came the discovery of Compound Sigma. A material of unknown properties and untold value, it remains a prize for those willing to brave the Sacrifice Zone — one worth fighting for.

Welcome to SHRAPNEL

Website Update

With the launch of the new website, SHRAPNEL’s white paper is now live and available for all to read. It offers the first real look at the game that is being crafted and the near-future world it’s set in. But there’s a whole lot more than just that. Here are just a few things covered in the whitepaper.

User Creation

Player-created content is at the heart of SHRAPNEL’s experience. The white paper breaks down how anyone can get involved in creating, minting, and sharing maps, weapons, vanity items, and more.

The Token

The white paper covers the key tokenomics for SHRAPNEL. Included are the distribution and unlock schedule, a summary of the marketplace (including staking and custom map promotion), and the value driver map for players, creators, curators, and landowners.


The initial roadmap for SHRAPNEL details the first four phases planned for development and community involvement up to the launch of the game.


Find a full list of the investors and partners that have helped realize SHRAPNEL’s development.

Read the full Shrapnel white paper here.


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