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Earn METAL and enhance your Shrapnel journey!

What Is METAL?

METAL is an off-chain points system designed to enhance your interaction with the Shrapnel ecosystem such as our newly launched social questing platform — powered by Moku, Enlistment, new ecosystem games like “The Lunatics”, and beyond.


As you earn more Metal, you will progress through different loyalty tiers, which will be used to determine the amount of future ecosystem rewards you receive and unlock perks across various platform features. Additionally, you can purchase items from the Shrapnel Shop via Moku.

How Can I Earn METAL?

  • MOKU Questing Platform: Step into the world of Moku where completing engaging quests a.k.a. “Operations” rewards you with METAL. Upon initial release (V1), you will be able to complete social quests, with the types of Operations evolving over time to incorporate on-chain activities (Insignia Creation, Marketplace Listing and Buying, etc.) and in-game activities (game missions, achievements, etc.). Stay tuned for exclusive Operations unlocked based on your tier or specific on-chain actions.
Moku Questing Platform
  • Enlistment: More information TBA closer to launch.
  • The Lunatics, A Shrapnel Story: Immerse yourself in gameplay with ‘The Lunatics’ on Discord and earn METAL. More information TBA closer to launch.

What Can METAL Do For Me?

METAL will have both consumptive and cumulative utility. Consumptive means it can be spent on items from the Shrapnel Shop in Moku. Cumulative means it can be accumulated to increase your Level and Tier. METAL will be used to determine the amount of future ecosystem rewards you’ll receive.

  • Tier Up: Accumulate METAL to escalate your tier, from Recruit all the way to Elite Operator, unlocking different perks such as ecosystem discounts and increased future rewards.
  • Shop at the Shrapnel Shop via Moku: Spend your METAL on an array of items from gaming gear to NFTs and merch in the ever-evolving Shrapnel Shop.
  • Enhance Your Gaming: Use METAL as a consumable asset in Shrapnel’s upcoming Gacha-like System.

METAL Tiers:

  • Tier 5: Recruit (Level 0–9)
  • Tier 4: Advanced Guard (Level 10–19)
  • Tier 3: Command Leader (Level 20–29)
  • Tier 2: Tactical Force (Level 30–39)
  • Tier 1: Special Ops (Level 40–49)
  • Max: Elite Operator (Level 50+)

Keep an eye out for further updates as we share more details on how METAL can amplify your digital and gaming adventures, and kindly note that details are subject to change.


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