MONEY is migrating to the Alternative Pool

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Exciting news for the LPs of MONEY Pool!

Hello folks, we are thrilled to announce Moremoney is the new PTParty participant because — MONEY pool is migrating from Factory Pool to Alternative Pool (or you can say it is an upgrade). Woo-hoo!

The migration date will be on Aug 16, 930 UTC. Mark your calendar and get yourself ready for the migration!

Will It Affect The Pool’s APR?

Definitely YES! The total APR of this pool will be much higher because of following updates: (1) Moremoney will QUADRUPLE (4x) their emission, and (2) we will provide boosting incentives for MONEY pool.

So the yield on MONEY pool is gonna be very attractive!

Remember to Migrate Your Funds to New MONEY Pool!

If you have funds on MONEY Pool, you will need to migrate your funds to the new pool. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to migrate:

1. If you currently have funds on MONEY pool, you will see a notification on the top section of your account informing you about the new contract being available.

2. On the Migration Page, you will see the total amount of staked MONEY in the old contract.

3. Follow the steps and approve the transaction in your wallet.

4. you’re all set!

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