NftSoccerGames: The first Football Manager simulation game on Avalanche.

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NftSoccerGames is the first of its kind play to earn a Football Manager Simulation game on Avalanche Blockchain.

 You can earn passive income $NFSG token by training your players(NFTs), playing friendly matches, beating your rivals via deathmatches, and getting ranked in the tournaments. 


 There are 11000 unique NFTs that use ERC-721 NFTs for its gaming assets. Players have four different rarities;

  • Standard (5000)
  • Semi – Professional (3500)
  • Professional (2000)
  • World Class (500)

 Each player has 5 skills and a preferred position(might be more than one)  that indicates where the player will stand on the field. 

Tokens ($NFSG, $NFSGx)

 Main token is $NFSG which was created on the Avalanche network using the ERC-20 standard. No IDO, ICO, Private/Seed sale… etc. the hard cap of $NFSG is one million, and only 200,000 $NFSG were minted at the time when the project started; 800,000 more will be earned by training, ranking in tournaments/ leagues… etc. 

 NFSG has lots of usage in-game and there will be more, for now, you’ll need it; 

To purchase a training center

To select a new team formation

To speed up the training

To loan a player

To hire a doctor or a coach for the players

To join a tournament

$NFSGX does not have a hard cap. One of the ways to get NFSGx is to add liquidity to the Avax-NFSG pool on Pangolin dex. You will get NFSGX for each NFSG. 

You need $NFSGX for these operations;

  • To change player names
  • To start/join a friendly match
  • To start/join a deathmatch
  • To reset attribute point
  • To boost skill upgrades
  • To boost recovery from injuries
  • To automate training

Training Centers

 Training Centers have different capacities and levels. They can be purchased by $NFSG token on the main page of the website. There are 4 levels of training centers:

  • Level 1: Maximum capacity of 1 player. 
  • Level 2: Maximum capacity of 3 players and +1% success rate. 
  • Level 3: Maximum capacity of 5 players and +1.5% success rate.
  • Level 4: Maximum capacity of 11 players and +3% success rate.

All of them are waiting for their manager to get ready for tournaments and leagues. 

Airdrops ($NFSG & Sport Bags)

 Only the first 5000 minters will be able to get 10 $NFSG token airdrop per mint. When you mint an NFT on the website. $NFSG tokens will be automatically reflected in your in-game wallet.  Sports bags are simply a bag full of Jerseys, Shoes, Skills, and many more features that will help you to defeat your rivals in the arena. Each player comes with a different amount of bags depending on the player’s rarities. 

Roadmap and Partners

  • NFT Sales in Q4, 2021 
  • $NFSG Token Deploy in Q4, 2021 
  • Training System & Token Farming in Q4, 2021 
  • Token Airdrop For NFT Minting in Q4, 2021 
  • Jersey Airdrop For Partner NFTs in Q1, 2022
  • Sports Bags in Q1, 2022
  • $NFSGX Token Deploy in Q1, 2022 
  • Special Items (Shoes, Skills, Boosters) in Q1, 2022
  • Marketplace For Items in Q1, 2022
  • $NFSGX Rewards For $NFSG / $AVAX Liquidity Providers in Q2, 2022
  • Marketplace For NFTs in Q2, 2022
  • Friendly Matches in Q2, 2022
  • Death Matches in Q2, 2022
  • Metaverse Fans Clubs in Q2, 2022
  • Lending System For The Players in Q2, 2022
  • Tournaments in Q2, 2022
  • Leagues in Q3, 2022
  • New Chain Integration in Q4, 2022

Cross Chain Tournaments – Champions League in Q1, 2023

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