Olympus Pro: Announces Avalanche Cohort 1

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Olympus Pro has officially announced its partnership with some very big names in the Avalanche space. Included are Pangolin Dex, Growth DeFi, BenQi, as well as Yield Yak. This is the first cohort within Avalanche and both sides can feel the excitement.

Olympus is a service for protocols that want to utilize bonds in their emissions programs with lower overhead and maximum impact. Olympus provides its partners with infrastructure, experience and expertise as well as exposure. There tag line “Projects only need to bring a token and an objective.”

The launch dates are available below.

  • Pangolin (PNG-AVAX) — Bonds go live on Nov 30th
  • Growth DeFi (GRO/MOR, WHEAT/MOR and MOR/AVAX) — Bonds go live on Dec 1st
  • Yield Yak (YAK-AVAX) — Bonds go live on Dec 2
  • BENQI (QI-AVAX) — Bonds go live on Dec 3

About Olympus

Olympus is a decentralized financial reserve that provides sustainable compounding interest through its community-owned and protected treasury.

Twitter: @OlympusDAO @pangolindex @BenqiFinance @yieldyak_ @GrowthDefi


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