Orbs: Now on Snowball

Published by AVAX on

As of today, Orbs are released on Snowball.Network, which means that it is now available to be yield optimized.

Snowball is an incredible protocol that utilizes the low fees of the Avalanche network and auto compounding. We all know that compounding is the greatest force in the universe, and this technology makes it considerably easier to get your ORB to compound into a larger stack. 

Orbs is an enterprise blockchain technology, which is designed to build an additional layer on top of faster cheaper L2 solutions. This means that vaults could have more dynamic strategies and work across chains, protocols, and even other vaults.  Orbs believe that DeFi is crypto’s killer application and is where the puck is going. To push this further they are building an analysis layer on top of existing DeFi platforms and protocols. 

Orbs main value proposition is smarter smart contracts that run in a decentralized manner using software tools that developers are already familiar with. Additionally, since this isn’t a fork, less rug risk. Happy aping & NFA.





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