Pangolin Exchange posts 1d fees higher than Bitcoin (TradingView Integration Soon?)

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Pangolin Exchange, the core DEX on Avalanche. Today, flipped Bitcoin.

It flipped the crypto behemoth on 1 day fees. An incredible feat.

Next 3 jumps will see Pangolin tanglin’ with the “big boys”. Compound, Sushi, Aave. Of which Aave is set to come to Avalanche. Sushi, well, there’s been a few rumors.

Despite today’s short-term market correction. The team, and the wider Avalanche community, all soldier on. Taking advantage of the bargain prices.

Pangolin’s TradingView integration?

A previous leak from Pangolin hinted at a new integration. One that could cement investors on Pangolin.

The integration showed an alpha development version of Pangolin. With TradingView charts. A staple for trading, investors, and technical analysts.

Giving ChartEx a run for it’s money in the Avalanche charting niche.


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