Pangolin & OpenOcean announce a partnership!

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On September 13th, 2021, Pangolin($PNG), and OpenOcean($OOE) disclosed a formal partnership.

LP’s & single-sided staking are live!

As of September 13th, 2021, users can now enjoy benefits($190,000 in $OOE & $PNG) provided on both Pangolin and OpenOcean. The image below illustrates the rewards provided for each trading pair.

What is OpenOcean?

The $OOE application empowers DeFi users to swap assets with low slippage, given the best market price possible. Users can now enjoy OpenOcean’s extensive platform and inject liquidity on Avalanche’s premier DEX’s. ($PNG, $LYD, $JOE, $BAG, $SUSHI.)

How to Participate on Pangolin!

In the following images, users can enjoy the benefits in either the AVAX/OOE pool or by single-sided staking.

  • AVAX/OOE LP: earn $PNG continually!
  • $PNG single-sided staking: up to $50,000 in $OOE rewards!

How to Participate on OpenOcean!

In the above images, are two reward opportunities presented by OpenOcean.

  • OOE/USDT.e LP: earn up to $90,000 in both $OOE & $PNG rewards!
  • $OOE single-sided staking: up to $50,000 in $PNG rewards!


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