PIRATEVERSE – A Fantasy Island-Building Game With Extraordinary Play-And-Earn Experience.

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Gone are the times when Blockchain Games were all about turn-based, click-to-earn and simple gameplay, now it’s time for more exciting adventure, advanced in-game economy and spectacular gaming experience.

Have you ever heard about the stories told in the legendary “Pirates of the Caribbean”? What if you got the chance to become one of those captains, maneuvering your crew and battleships to seize power in the world filled with treasure?

Welcome onboard, this is your next fortune – PIRATEVERSE.

  1. Quick overview of PirateVerse

PirateVerse is an NFT Play-And-Earn Pirate game. The game is where players can explore a vast, story-filled world that reacts to their decisions by mastering and building their pirate lands in the social pirate adventure game. Players need to acquire the best tactic to captain their battleships on a dangerous voyage of seizing wealth and building a robust, prosperous empire.

Why PirateVerse?

PirateVerse has an exciting, adventurous and intelligent gameplay, in which players need to acquire the best tactics for the highest revenues. Moreover, owning a sophisticated game account system, PirateVerse is a perfect choice for Game Guilds and Scholars Management.

  1. PirateVerse Gameplay

Become a Pirate, Build Empires and Fight for the Treasure. PirateVerse gameplay offers a relaxing yet adventurous Play-And-Earn journey at every step. 


Players get to collect several mouthwatering rewards while playing the game with only one investment. The more time you spend playing, the more rewards you receive. The game also has a feature that allows players to earn even when they are not online.

PvP – Intense combat on Ocean

By owning battleships and the most powerful equip-ment, players can participate in the Arena to compete with the other players to win Tokens when they win. The arrangement of the ship’s formation, the layout of the captain, and the use of skills at the right time in a reasonable way will bring giant effects to each victory. In addition, there will be a rank system, the players with high rankings will receive corresponding rewards according to the season.

PvE – Endless Expeditionary: Endless Progression with the Pirate Verse

The PvE feature in the PirateVerse game will be called “Expeditionary”. For expeditionary, players will send their battleships to explore new lands and fight sea monsters. Participating in PvE, players will receive items such as PVG tokens, construction upgrade materials, captain fragments…

  1. In-game NFTs – The Islands, The Captains & The Battleships

PirateVerse is the resonance of traditional online games and blockchain mechanics. Every asset owned inside the game has its value and can not be replicated or destroyed. Digital assets owned will belong to the holders forever, and the player’s crypto assets earned can be converted into fiat currencies. The game encompasses the power of decentralized self-sovereign asset ownership enabled by the incorporation of blockchain into asset ownership and NFT marketplaces.

The NFT Islands

The first and foremost goal in PirateVerse: Owning an NFT Island. There will be 5 islands following different topics, the higher level of the islands, the more fortunes you make on your constructions. In-game constructions are shipyard, tailor, smithy, library, beer, storehouse…

The NFT Captains

In real life, captains are among the most vital roles in pirate crews. In PirateVerse, it’s no difference. Captains not only have unique features and skills, which allow players to come up with suitable fighting tactics in PvP and PvE, but they also add more firepower to the whole team based on their rarity – higher rarity means more general power.

The NFT Battleships

To conquer the world, it’s inevitable to possess powered attacking weapons and defense, which are Battleships in PirateVerse. NFT Battleships are the main and indispensable NFTs in your adventurous journey to the treasure.

About TAZOGAMES – Our Craftsman

Tazogames is an NFT Games Studio, a well-experienced internet games builder. We have strategic partnerships with Salad Ventures, AU21, ZBS, MavenCapital, Kyros, Goodgames Guild and Bantercapital. Not only do we build appealing Play-To-Earn NFT games, but we are also Metaverse Builders, who build both the virtual worlds of the future and the infrastructure that makes them possible.

The story of PirateVerse will begin shortly. Ahoy Pirates, it’s time to seize the treasure!

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