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A pirate is a warrior who travels by water. We often think of pirates as swashbuckling and daring or evil and brutish, but in actual fact most of them were ordinary people who had been forced to turn to criminal activity to make ends meet. However, there are a few that were born into a life of privilege, but the call of the sea and the treasures it may hold tempted them and changed their path.

In the glorious journey of building empires and searching for treasure islands, captains and their crew acquired strength, building their influence and reputation across the pirate world. How did they do that? They built their battleships, recruited trustworthy pirates and attacked. 

The more power they hold, the more precious prizes they seize.

Pirate crews need to practice their fighting skills, or choose to die in battles. One of those training sessions is Pirate Shot, where pirates shoot their knife into a spinning target, difficulties ranging from slow-spinning targets to fast-spinning targets. Now, in PirateVerse – the first NFT-powered Free-To-Play-To-Earn Pirate game on Avalanche Blockchain, you can experience an exciting game that a large number of Pirates favored. 


Duration: May 5nd 2022 – May 28th 2022.

With PIRATESHOT, players play as pirates who practice aiming to prepare for battles. At first, players start with 2 free turns, then they can get more turns by completing social tasks. In game, the player’s task is to launch the required number of knives at the spinning target in the center of the screen so that the knives are evenly inserted into the target. A player is counted as losing when 2 knives are stuck in the same position and wins when all the knives are inserted on the target without breaking the rules. The more turns won, the more points earned. Players then will be ranked in PIRATESHOT leaderboards in terms of total points.

  1. HOW TO JOIN? 

To join PIRATESHOT, you will need to have your Metamask wallet installed and ready to connect to the game. You do not have to spend anything to start, it’s completely free.

Click on the (link) and follow instructions, they will guide you to the world of Pirates.

  1. REWARDS – This one’s big!

Rewards will be distributed weekly according to Leaderboards:

Top 1 – 3: Each player receives 100$ AVAX

Top 4 – 10: Each player receives 30$ AVAX

5 players with specific leaderboard ranking: 14, 82, 96, 286, 333: Each player receives 30$ AVAX.

Why these numbers? You will know soon enough.

First reward distribution: 13/5/2022; Second reward distribution: 29/5/2022

  • So, if players want to hunt for the big rewards, they clearly have to play as many turns as possible. How to get more PIRATESHOT turns?

At first, every player will be given 2 free turns to start with. Then they will be given 2 free turns everyday provided that their total turns are less than 3. Other tasks that can give players more turns are:

  • Social tasks: +2 turns

– Username Tele

– Join Telegram Chat

– Join Telegram Announcement

– Username Twitter

– Follow Twitter

– Username Discord

– Join Discord Channel

Completing these tasks will give players 2 more turns. However, once these tasks are completed, players cannot use these tasks to earn more turns, or in other words, players cannot cheat.

  • Game Demo: +1 turn

You can earn 1 free turn if you register a new account on our Game Demo: demo.pirateverse.finance then submit the username in the Minigame task.

  • Ref code: +1 turn/each

Each player will be given a unique referral code.

You submit a unique referral code: +1 turn (limited)

Your friend submits your unique referral code: +1 turn (unlimited)

The maximum turns you can get by your friend submitting your ref code are 3 turns/day.

Please note that if you have exactly or more than 3 turns in your pocket, you will not receive 2 daily free turns.

We believe precious rewards belong to those who deserve them. Show us your skills and take this free chance to earn as much as possible! 

PirateVerse is the first NFT-powered Free-To-Play-To-Earn Pirate game on Avalanche Blockchain. The game is where players can explore a vast, story-filled world that reacts to their decisions by mastering and building their pirate lands in the social pirate adventure game. PirateVerse has an exciting, adventurous and intelligent gameplay, in which players need to acquire the best tactics for the highest revenues.


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