Platypus’ New Locking Model: How Can it Help With Your Investment Strategy?

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Do you want to find out how the new locking model can strengthen your investment game plan? Read on!

Are you looking to improve your investment strategy? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article is all about helping you make the most out of your resources on Platypus, and how you can take advantage of our new locking model to achieve your desired outcome.

Firstly, what is the new locking model?

The new locking model is similar to PTP staking. But here, users can lock their PTP to acquire vePTP in advance. If you want to obtain more vePTP, you can either lock more PTP or extend your lock period, with a maximum cap of 120x (approximately 357 days).

Only one locking position can be created. Users will not lose all of their vePTP when the locking period ends. Instead, they will only lose all vePTP when they unlock the PTP.

Here is an example of a user making use of the new locking model:

Ben locked 1,000 PTP for 6 months (~180 days) to get vePTP. The max cap of his locking position is 120,000 vePTP. 1 PTP generates 0.336 vePTP per day. He was instantly able to obtain 60,480 vePTP (1000 x 180 x 0.336 = 60480 vePTP.)

3 months later, Ben wanted to extend his locking position from 6 months to 12 months (~177 days). The amount of vePTP he can get by extending is 59,472 vePTP (1000 x 177 x 0.336 = 59472). Now he has a total of 119,952 vePTP.

Another month passed and Ben wants to get more vePTP. But this time, he cannot extend the lock period anymore because he has already reached his max cap. So, he locked 1,000 more PTP. This expanded his max cap to 240,000. The amount of vePTP that he can get is 1000 x 237 (time left to unlock) x 0.336 = 79,632. Total vePTP earned is now 199,584.

Now that’s the power of the new locking model. It provides users with the flexibility to optimize their investment depending on their strategy and desired outcome.

Our strategy suggestions

It is crucial to first define your objective. Are you looking to gain the maximum amount of vePTP for the long term? Or do you just want to get instant vePTP?

Your answer to this question will be the defining factor for the best strategy to implement, whether it’s staking a position, or creating a lock position.

Besides, if you have reached the max cap or are close to it, you might want to keep the position and keep accumulating vePTP.

Tip: Using your NFT to speed up vePTP generation is a great idea too!

You can also mix both to gain the most profit!

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