Platypus NFT: The Philosophy Behind

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What makes Platypus NFT special?

As the official launch of Platypus NFT approaches, we can’t help but reflect on the conception of this idea. The team at Platypus work persistently to find solutions and improve things for the better. Today, we’d like to express how our NFT collection came to be and what it means for you.

The synthesis of DeFi and NFT

By now, you may have noticed that great NFT projects have a solid, loyal, and zestful community, but they usually struggle to create utility. In contrast, DeFi is strong at revenue generation, but its community is not as spirited. One is strong where the other is weak — that to us is the golden opportunity to seize.

The synergy of NFT and DeFi creates massive value for both DeFi users and NFT owners alike. By holding Platypus NFT, you can join our private club. Now, you’ll get access to all alpha leaks to be the first one in the know. Platypus NFT also has DAO led incentives in the future. It will allow you to co-create the future of Platopia along with other passionate owners.

First things first, we value fairness and transparency

The core values of DeFi run through our veins, and we incorporate that in our NFT minting process. We are the first protocol on the Avalanche blockchain to use on-chain random generation for minting. You may have encountered many NFT collections where minting is not done through on-chain random generation. The elements that make a certain NFT more valuable than others are pre-determined and thus are open to risks of benefitting specific individuals.

The rare and prizable NFTs could plausibly be obtained by a selected few first, leaving the public with less valuable ones. With on-chain random generation, everyone gets a fair chance.

Party’s not only for the early adopters

Liquidity mining can be lucrative and exciting, especially for early adopters who get most of the fun. Airdrops, pool rewards, and the likes. It could be frustrating if you find yourself missing out on these early adopters’ perks, but our NFTs are here to turn the tides.

This is one of the issues that Platypus was trying to address before the birth of Platopia and the Platypus Heroes (our NFTs are called Platypus Heroes). The NFTs are Platypuses with unique attributes and skills that grant Platypus users extra rewards, boosts, or other liquidity mining advantages.

We’ll discuss the attributes in a bit; let’s talk about skills first. There are currently 5 skills in existence. Each Platypus Hero will be born with one skill. These skills will add more fun to liquidity mining and staking, and that’s how late joiners can share the joy despite missing out on the initial stages. Here are the skills:

• Speedo: Speeds up vePTP generation in %

• Pudgy: Increases vePTP cap in %

• Gifted: Increases your vePTP and vePTP cap by a fixed amount

• Diligent: Increases vePTP generation by a fixed amount (subject to cap)

• Hibernate: Retains a portion of vePTP upon unstaking (subject to cap)

Platopia is not merely a story

It is a dream that we hope all Platypus lovers can build together. Platopia is also the next step for us to fully decentralize ourselves, where we anticipate that the community will become ever more involved in directing the future roadmap of Platypus.

We’re pushing boundaries and bringing new perspectives on how and what NFT can be. In this sense, we are not just a DeFi protocol or just an NFT project. We’re both, we’re neither. Platypus is a spirit, a culture… audacious and defiant but earnest. Platypus is here to change everything!

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