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Explore our world before it’s lost forever — launching April 14th 2022

Portals is the first official NFT series minting exclusively on the Lost Worlds platform, an NFT platform bringing NFTs into the real world.

This project inspires you to visit some of the worlds most famous landmarks to mint its NFT. Each landmark has five “Portals” to alternate realities. You will be able to earn yield in multiple ways just for trading, minting and or holding your NFTs.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Portals
  2. What You Will Find at Every Landmark
  3. How to Earn Yield with Portals
  4. First Location Drops
  5. Pricing Schedule
  6. Meet the Artist
  7. Project Roadmap

What is Portals?

The Portals NFT series encourages you to travel to the world’s most famous landmarks as they are today. The project underscores the fragility of our physical world and we’re offering a way to immortalize your experience at these monuments through the immutable blockchain.

What Will You Find at Every Landmark?

We are launching with six landmarks to start and will be rolling out more as the community develops. At each landmark you will find 1,100 Portal NFTs with various Portal rarity levels. The most plentiful reality being the common world and the rarest being Utopia.

Do I Need to Travel to the Location to Mint the NFTs?

In order to mint these NFTs you must physically travel to the landmarks. That said, Portal NFTs can be bought, sold or traded on our secondary marketplace which does not require travel.

Earning $LOST Tokens with Portals

For every Portals NFT you mint, you will receive rewards in the form of 10 $LOST tokens. Other mechanisms for earning include:

  • Minter dividends — the first 20% of mints are eligible to earn LOST on all subsequent mints that happen at a single location, until full mint.
  • Achievements— Utopia card collectors can claim the achievement and receive 500 $LOST tokens. You also receive a non-tradeable NFT badge for completing the achievement

How Much Do Portal NFTs Cost?

Each NFT will cost a flat 1.5 $AVAX.

Portals Location Drops

We are launching with six global locations. More locations will be dropped in the future.

The Empire State Building — New York City

The world’s tallest building for almost 40 years- an architectural, cultural, and financial symbol of NYC. The Empire State Building, NYC, built in 1930.

Abandoned : Forced underground to the tunnels, nature took their place

Desert: They say you can still hear honking and yelling beneath the shifting sands

Underwater: Underwater loses its figurative meaning

Utopia : Financial freedom and cultural harmony — NYC beats as the heart of the world

The Louvre — Paris

The world’s largest art museum houses works spanning 5000 years of human history. The Louvre Museum, Paris, built in 1546, established in 1793.

Untamed: The beauty and terror of Mother Nature for all to see

Stolen: What is stolen can be stolen back

Rebellion: “Aux armes, citoyens, Formez vos bataillons, Marchons, marchons ! Qu’un sang impur Abreuve nos sillons !”- La Marseillaise

Utopia: Build, prosper, revolt, destroy, repeat — until it is perfect

The Brandenburg Gate — Berlin

“Originally named the “Peace Gate,”a neo-classical construction that symbolizes European history, power, and unity. The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, built in 1788.”

Forgotten: Deutscher Wald reclaims what was once his

Divided: “Mr. Gorbachev maintain this wall”

Flood: A dark past washed over by the waves of the North Sea

Utopia: A bright future blots out a dark past. Berlin is the center of Europe and a beacon of freedom

The Golden Gate Bridge — San Francisco

“Painted in “International Orange,” a civil engineering marvel deemed the most photographed bridge in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, built in 1933.”

Mist: A city searching for answers, blinded by the ever enclosing mist

Scorched: Capital poured in, the water flowed out

Quake: A shift in the Earth, a city disconnected

Utopia: Innovation prevails!

Hagia Sophia Mosque — Istanbul

“A church, a mosque, a museum, and a mosque again- the on and off center of the world. The Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, built in 532.”

Ice: Of all the foes to have conquered Istanbul, the ice was most brutal

Salted: “Nature or god?”, they asked, as the soil between their fingers turned to salt

Tremor: A history of ruptures, what is one more anyway?

Utopia: Power ebbs and flows. Istanbul once more reigns as the true center of the world

Gardens by the Bay — Singapore

“A city thrives in this garden combining artistry, energy efficiency, and horticulture. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, built in 2007.”

Matrix: Technical advances blurs the line between master and slave

Garbage: A city of excess, with nowhere for it to go

Wave: From the sea it was borne and to the sea it returns

Utopia: Jubilance and celebration perpetually fill the air around Singapore

Future Locations

The next locations will be announced exclusively in the Discord and Twitter. Eventually Landmarks that get minted will be influenced by the community.

Be sure to follow our Discord or Twitter to know exactly when and where new locations are being dropped.

Meet the Artist: Sam

The creative force behind the art is Sam — an Atlanta based, Alabama born designer. Portals tells a story about the world today and what it may be in the future. Sam explores the many different realities future Earth’s can experience. At the center of the project however is always a glimmer of hope, a possibility for Utopia.

Follow him on Twitter @sam_hughes_

Portals Roadmap

The Portals NFT series will grow alongside the greater Lost Worlds platform. Here are some features to look out for:

  • New locations dropping (ongoing)
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Guilds
  • IRL perks
  • Earn $LOST
  • Exclusive airdrops

Portals is the first official NFT series of the Lost Worlds platform (others to come).

If you’re an artist and want to create your own project, fill out this Typeform

Final Thoughts

For the first time collectors can not only travel to mint an NFT but earn crypto and royalties for making the effort.

Stay tuned for more updates: Follow us on twitter, Instagram, telegram discord, and lostworlds.io


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