Ragnarok: Alpha Now Live

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Ragnarok has finally launched the Alpha version of its Metaverse RPG. Lets dig into the history of Ragnarok and its Alpha launch.

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What is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok is a Lore-Driven Multiplayer Role Playing Game, where the player’s NFT becomes their in-game character. Created by Fanfaron and his team, Ragnarok is a limited collection of 7,777 NFTs.

Ragnarok PFPs are stylish

Generation 0 NFTs were minted on April 27, 2022 at ,a mint price of 0.77 ETH. The floor Price of this collection is currently 0.23 ETH. The style is reminiscent of the popular Azuki PFP series.

Holders can later breed their NFTs to create Generation 1 NFTs. NFT holders often add (777) at the end of their usernames to indicate their allegiance to the project.

The Alpha Launch is smooth

Players were finally able to explore the Ragnarok metaverse on 7/22/22 and had a positive reception. Players walk around with their unique PFP characteristics to interact with buildings and other players. Coming up next is battling, leveling, questing, and missions.

The buildings in the game are very detailed and well designed by the art team. Each building is animated and unique.

Multiple delays causing issues

In a recent announcement in the Ragnarok Discord, the founder gave an update on the current pace of development and the need to delay the roadmap. The community has been vocal about their disappointment, while the floor price of the NFT continues to dip. Updates to internal and public communications have been promised, and staffing changes have been made.

What does the future hold for Ragnarok?

Ragnarok will need to reignite the passion of its community to gain trust back in a once coveted project. Hitting promised deliverables on time and adding more in-game content for players to engage with should go a long way over the next few months.


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