Relay Chain (from Zero team) is now accessible to Avalanche users (and more).

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Relay Chain is the “next evolution” from the people behind Zero exchange (the first Avalanche DeX). And it’s come with a few new tricks up its sleeve. Namely, a cost-efficient bridge.

Relay Chain

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Let’s get into the new bits.

Swapping Zero to Relay

You can now start swapping your Zero to Relay. There are some restrictions on how fast the Zero to Relay gets swapped.

image 10

It’s 8:24 AM here, and the first round of Zero -> Relay has already depleted. Clearly, there are many people using this. I imagine the more adept are probably botting this process too…

Cross Chain Bridge

Relay’s new cross-chain bridge brings us yet another interface to move assets between chains. Allowing you to wrap and move assets between chains. Provided they’re supported by Relay.

image 11

The Relay bridge supports Avalanche, Ethereum, HECO, Matic, and Binance Smart Chain. With more set to launch over the course of the year.

image 12

The above networks bear heavy resemblance with those offered by Elk Finance, bar Fantom. Though, they’ve beaten Elk Finance to the mark with Binance Smart Chain.

Relay transfer fees

The fees aren’t that world breaking. But, they do admittedly transfer more than a single token. Which is a really important factor when comparing with the likes of Elk.

image 14

Transferring from Avalanche to Polygon, 0.7949 AVAX~. Not a bad amount. I have definitely seen worse.

But, the ETH transfer fees still remain quite high (somewhat unavoidable.) Though, nothing to shout home about.

If you’re looking to transfer value across chains, I’d still opt to use Elk’s bridge. And move ELK across chains. It is by far the cheapest. I’ll avoid dampening the Relay hype too much, though.

image 16

Relay Swaps

Interestingly, Relay doesn’t seem to have a DeX at present. Whereas Zero did, prior to the change.

image 17

Relay’s team have opted to link to QuickSwap. It’s an odd choice, especially when the team are so heavily involved with Zero. And doesn’t really spell much confidence over the future of Zero Exchange

Relay’s Pools

On side of Zero, Relay is hosting a single pool. A pool of two wrapped Zero assets; zUSDT and zETH.

image 13

Somewhat underwhelming given the large run-up to launch. But, these things inevitably take time to build and progress. Besides, there are still farms on Zero if you’re interested.

Closing thoughts

The run-up was pretty hyped. And the team are no doubt a good team. Just, I felt Relay there would be more than what appears to be a copy of Zero with a new logo, token, and bridge.

Negatives aside, I’m probably gonna get myself a bag. Let’s see what the future holds for Relay. Congrats on the launch!

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