Revving Up Excitement: Insights from the ‘Trial Xtreme Freedom’ Discord Playtest

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Revving Up Excitement: Insights from the ‘Trial Xtreme Freedom’ November Playtest

As we wind down from the exhilarating two-week playtest of ‘Trial Xtreme Freedom’, the buzz of excitement within our community was impossible to miss. Let’s dive into the heart-pumping journey, gather player insights, and look ahead to what’s next for Trial Xtreme Freedom.

Why playtest?! A Dynamic Community

Engaging in the recent playtest alongside our community of players was an invaluable experience for our team. Dozens of Clans formed and thrived, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment. Our players’ active participation not only provided crucial insights but also offered a real-time understanding of Trial Xtreme Freedom’s gameplay dynamics. Collaborating directly with our players allowed us to witness firsthand their reactions, preferences, and challenges encountered while playing the game, enabling us to fine-tune and enhance the overall gaming experience. Their feedback became the cornerstone of our iterative process, guiding us to make informed decisions aimed at delivering a game that resonates more deeply with our audience.

This collaborative playtest proved instrumental in shaping the game’s direction, fostering a stronger connection between our team and the passionate community that surrounds us

Surpassing Expectations: Unveiling the Remarkable Results of Our Playtest

Our playtest results have surpassed expectations in player engagement, community involvement and core game metrics.

Engagement Metrics: A Story of Forming the Connection

We were super happy with the game Alpha KPIs but then this incredible playtest broke the Alpha records and we were thrilled to find we improved all our game KPIs. We achieved nearly a 50% day-one retention, signaling the immediate connection players develop with the game’s exciting world and ecosystem. Moreover, the average playtime stood at an impressive 50 (!) minutes per day, highlighting the captivating nature of ‘Trial Xtreme Freedom’ already in this stage.

Balancing Act

One of the playtest objectives was to check the difficulty levels of various obstacles. Our data showed that in some levels the obstacles posed significant challenges to our players, while other obstacles were too easy, leading our team to fine-tune these stages. This is a crucial step in our commitment to creating a perfectly balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.
We shall always work close to our community of players — listening and learning from them what makes them enjoy this new world we are creating for them.

Data-Driven Development: Crafting a Compelling Experience

The playtest was not just about racing and enjoying our astonishing new environments; our players are actively shaping the game and the ecosystem we are building, from watching them crafting an average of 3.5 bikes per player to reaching impressive skill levels that even our own team of experts were working hard to achieve in the game. The data simply showcased for us the most important signals — the depth of engagement and the dedication of our players.

The playtest yielded an abundance of valuable data, offering us an incredible opportunity for profound learning and insights. For us it’s only the beginning.

Next Steps: Accelerating Towards the Future

Armed with all these insights, we’re now set to enhance the entire game experience, ensuring that ‘Trial Xtreme Freedom’ evolves into an even more immersive, extremely competitive and socially engaging gaming experience.

Stay tuned and updated with the latest developments by joining our vibrant communities on Discord and Twitter.

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