Avalanche Partnership, Lets You Use AVAX on Amazon, eBay, …

Published by AVAX on enables its users to shop online with their crypto. They open the doors for people to use popular eCommerce websites: eBay and Amazon–to name a few. This project is an innovative idea, and comes with a whole host of benefits.

Not Avalanche native, but has integrated Avalanche. They’re looking to expand into all the major cryptocurrencies. Which seems fit for any business looking to grow.

Discounted by 2%. Interestingly, they offer a cut on all orders up to $1000. Which, in my mind is a little strange. Where does the 2% come from? Perhaps there are wider spreads on the store, discounting AVAX as it’s used to purchase. Or they monetize the data.

SPI is’s token. An ERC20 token, on the Ethereum blockchain. Which, was 100% launched on Uniswap at open. Sure, the originators would have been able to have bought up a vast portion of this at the open. But, the idea in itself is innovative. Perhaps this is where the 2% discount comes from. The passive rewards of being liquidity providers?

The plans available to SPI holders on

Holding more of their token grants you better rewards. Scaling as people accumulate. Incentivizing their token, services, and supporting the growth of the project.

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