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STX1 Thank You

First and foremost, we want to thank you all for participating in STX1!

We are just getting started and are excited to be building in public and shaping the future of SHRAPNEL with the community. We’re committed to improving the game, and these early access events help us do just that.

Some interesting statistics from the STX1 event (spoiler: you totally crushed it):

  • STX1 Total Sigma Collected: 7,375,046
  • STX1 Total In-Game Kills: 312,423
  • STX1 Total Successful Extractions: 69,555

Before you continue, please make sure you’ve read the SHRAPNEL STX1 FAQs which explains our Early Access structure and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about SHRAPNEL.

As a reminder, the STX naming system is designed to help users easily recognize the scale of updates and new features. Bigger updates are indicated by a change in the whole number (for example, moving from STX1 to STX2, then to STX3). In contrast, minor updates are reflected in the decimal number changes (such as STX1.1, STX1.2, and so on).

SHRAPNEL Training Exercise 1.1 Overview

STX1.1 Dates: February 22–24, 2024

(Must own an Extraction Pack to play)

STX1.1 Time Windows:

  • February 22nd, 2024: 9am-5pm PST
  • February 23rd, 2024: 7am-3pm PST
  • February 24th: 2pm-10pm PST

You can download SHRAPNEL from the Epic Games Store.

SHRAPNEL Training Exercise 1.1 Rewards

STX1.1 Sigma Extraction Leaderboards competition

Prize Pool: 333,115 SHRAP
Extract as much Sigma as possible and be among the top 1,000 Sigma Extractors to claim your share of the prize pool!

  • 1st Place: 32 787 SHRAP
  • 2nd Place: 16 393 SHRAP
  • 3rd Place: 8 197 SHRAP
  • 4th-10th Place: 2 623 SHRAP (each)
  • 11th — 50th Place: 1 311 SHRAP (each)
  • 51st — 100th Place: 492 SHRAP (each)
  • 101st — 500th Place: 246 SHRAP (each)
  • 501st — 1000th Place: 164 SHRAP (each)

Visit to see where you rank on the leaderboards.

Winners will receive SHRAP in their Shrapnel accounts within 10 business days after the event concludes.

Terms and Conditions apply and can be viewed on the Sigma Extraction Leaderboards page on our website.

STX1.1 Missions and Rewards

  • Play 1 Session (weapon skin)
  • Play 5 Sessions (weapon skin)
  • Get 10 kills (weapon skin)
  • Extract 200 Sigma (weapon skin)
  • Skins will be airdropped within 10 business days after the event concludes
  • Skins are NFTs and will be tradable (exact date for marketplace launch and skin trading functionality TBA)
  • Players can equip their skins in-game as early as STX2

SHRAPNEL Training Exercise 1.1 Gameplay


Name: “Yomi”

Player count: Max number is 12 but sessions will be able to launch with fewer based on player counts and time.

Initially, the map will contain one high-fidelity section aka “The Beautiful Corner”, while the rest of the map will be polished throughout Early Access.

A grey box environment allows the team to integrate changes and feedback more effectively.


  • Solos (i.e. no team play)

1 Sigma Ability

  • Sigma Wave

3 Weapons

  • Pistol: “HGS1 Leo”
  • Assault Rifle: “MR84 Special”
  • Shotgun: “CSG5 Doorbreaker”

2 Attachments

  • AS-1 AccuImpact (Holographic, Projectile Impact Detector) — Legendary — comes with hit markers/feedback
  • RD-9 Sure Count (Ammo Counter) — Rare — comes with ammo counter

Note: both attachments can be equipped on all three weapons


  • Sigma Grenade

Healing Items

  • Medipen

Playable Operator

Aniki Level 10

Operator Unique Trait: Hearty (more likely to see health-related perks as part of Operator progression)


  • Careful Application (2/2): Healing items restore more health
  • Acquisition Procedure (2/3): Pick up Sigma more quickly
  • Sigma Restoration (1/ 2): Heal slightly when collecting Sigma from the environment

Inventory Persistence

  • No Persistent Inventory in STX1.1

Note: Persistent Inventory means that players can keep successfully extracted loot such as gear (e.g. attachments, weapons) and build out their future loadouts (i.e. – gear gained in one session can carry over to the next one).

For STX1.1, every player will start with the same loadout and then search the Sacrifice Zone for additional weapons, attachments, and ammo to help them survive, collect Sigma, and extract to climb the leaderboard.

In the future, players will build their own loadouts of the gear they’ve accumulated in their inventory.

SHRAPNEL Training Exercise 1.1 Build Updates and Issues

STX1.1 Updates

  • Out of Video Memory crash: If the player has a graphics card (GPU) with less than 12GB of VRAM, the game may crash when attempting to load into a match. — Fixed in STX1.1
  • Users may experience crashes when running Windows 11 Insider Builds: Some users are experiencing crashes when running Insider / Preview versions of Windows 11. — Fixed in STX1.1
  • Wobbling back and forth while standing still or looting containers: When the player is stationary, rotating more than 90 degrees left or right will cause the player to begin bobbing back and forth. — Fixed in STX1.1
  • Vault sometimes fails on railings: Pressing W and Spacebar while pressed against a low surface will initiate a vault. When this is done with certain railings, the vault animation will sometimes play but not properly move the player to the other side. — Improvements added to STX1.1
  • In addition to previously known issues with STX1, our community helped us identify a high-impact issue with Final Extraction. This issue involved the countdown timer reaching zero, causing players to be automatically returned to the lobby without a successful extraction. — Fixed in STX1.1

STX1.1 Known Issues

  • Tab cannot be used to open inventory: If the player uses the keybinds menu in settings to change inventory to Tab, the Tab key will fail to open the inventory.
  • Callsign not displaying at lobby screen: The player’s equipped Callsign should appear in the top right of the lobby screen but currently does not. The player’s Callsign does properly appear in the end-of-session screen and when killing another player.
  • Missing extraction countdown timer: When a player is in an extraction zone when it activates, the 10-second timer to extract won’t appear. Despite that, the player can still successfully extract if they wait. Exiting and re-entering the zone will also cause the timer to appear.
  • Corpses making sounds: Sometimes when a player is killed, their corpse will wiggle and create footstep sounds. We guarantee they’re probably not zombies.
  • Deploy button sometimes appears not to respond: In certain situations, the Deploy button will not change state when pressed. This seems to happen more often after a matchmaking timeout. The issue can also be rectified by closing and reopening the game. — Infrequent
  • Reload delay: Under certain circumstances, possibly related to using the Sigma ability, there is a short delay before the player can reload. — Infrequent
  • Spawned without Sigma Canister: On rare occasions, the player will spawn without a Sigma canister. Sigma Ability information in the bottom left of the HUD will be missing. The player can still collect Sigma and extract with it, and that will still count towards the leaderboards. — Infrequent
  • Sometimes sent under map after being killed: On rare occasions, after being killed, the camera will appear stuck under map with no end-of-match screen. In this situation, the player must forcibly close the game (with Alt-F4 or another means) to re-open the game and proceed. — Infrequent

Questions & Feedback

  • STX1.1 questions? Need support? Check Out Our Discord! Please note: when opening a Discord ticket, please specify the issue you are running into.
  • STX1.1 Feedback? Please complete the Feedback form.

Have fun and good luck in The Zone!


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