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STX Overview

What is STX?

STX stands for SHRAPNEL Training Exercises. STX encompasses a series of exclusive Early Access gameplay events that will lead up to our always-on Early Access. Only Extraction Pack holders will be able to participate. These events will be available for limited windows of time during select subsequent days of the week.

STX provides our community with an early opportunity to familiarize themselves with SHRAPNEL’s gameplay, but also places great emphasis on gathering their feedback, which will be pivotal in refining and shaping the future of SHRAPNEL!

How often will you be opening STX and for how long?

We are targeting twice per month, 3-day events, 8-hour windows per day — subject to change.

What comes after STX?

Later this year, we will transition to an “Always-On” game access available to Extraction Pack holders, which means that players will be able to play SHRAPNEL whenever they’d like. The “Always-On” launch will also come with more features/bigger updates.

Can you provide more details about the status of the game build during STX? Do you consider STX to be Alpha Beta

Each STX brings a fresh set of missions, offering the community the chance to earn exclusive rewards unique to each event. There will be several STX releases that will include major feature updates, while others will have minor fixes besides the new missions to complete.

The STX naming system is designed to help users easily recognize the scale of updates and new features. Bigger updates are indicated by a change in the whole number (for example, moving from STX1 to STX2, then to STX3). In contrast, minor updates are reflected in the decimal number changes (such as STX1.1, STX1.2, and so on). Major updates include introduction of new weapons, attachments, throwables, inventory persistence, skin fragments as loot, teamplay (duos), and more. The team will release similar FAQs/notes to inform players of the build features before each STX.

The map’s maximum player count is 12, but sessions can launch with fewer based on player counts and time. The map will contain a high-fidelity section, while the rest will be polished over the course of STX and Early Access. We’ll also be making level design changes to the map based on community feedback over the course of STX.

We consider STX as pre-Alpha and it serves the function of providing an experience to our biggest and earliest supporters through which they can claim exclusive rewards while getting a feel of SHRAPNEL and getting practice for the full release. Additionally, early access plays a crucial role in helping us improve the game through gathering feedback and live data.

Are there any rewards for players who participate in Early Access?

Enter the Sacrifice Zone and complete missions to unlock STX exclusive rewards.

Be among the top 1000 Sigma Extractors to win SHRAP. Leaderboards reset after each STX event and monthly during the “Always-On” Early Access phase. The Total Prize Pool for the entirety of Early Access is USD $3,000,000 in SHRAP. Exact allocations for each STX event or the monthly allocation (during the Always-On Early Access phase) will be announced a week in advance. Terms and Conditions apply and will be available on the Sigma Extraction Leaderboards page coming soon to the SHRAPNEL website.

Are the STX rewards different than the ones granted through Extraction Packs?

The STX rewards are separate! The content from the Extraction Packs will be made available during the “always-on” phase of Early Access as game features come online. The STX rewards can only be earned through participating in the STX events.

Can you share more details about the STX-exclusive rewards?

Each STX there will be different missions, that, upon completion, reward the player with exclusive items to keep. Examples of missions are “Extract X amount of Sigma.”, “Play X number of sessions.”, etc. Participate in every STX event to obtain all exclusive rewards. Each STX event offers distinct and unique rewards (e.g. weapon skins)!

What are the system requirements?

We want as many players to be able to play Shrapnel as possible! We are actively optimizing the game and will continue to do so throughout the Early Access phase. We’ll share current specs before Early Access launches, and they are very likely to be higher than what we intend for the full release, as we will continue optimizing the game throughout Early Access.

Current system requirements, & SHRAPNEL wishlisting, can be found on the Epic Game Store.

Which platform will SHRAPNEL be available on?

We are excited to offer Extraction Packs to gamers worldwide. Our launch plan is to distribute the game through Epic Game Store, and unfortunately Epic’s current policy is to exclude web3 games in certain regions. We are working to enable SHRAPNEL gameplay for those regions as soon as possible — we already have some options we are pursuing. So, if you are in those regions, be aware: Extraction Pack rewards are all valid except this delay in gameplay early availability. We will provide updates as the issue makes progress.

Will Early Access be controller-compatible, and do you plan on implementing controller in the game?

Controller support is high on our list of priorities. It’s coming. We just need a little time!

Are we planning any release on any console platforms?

A huge portion of our studio comes from a console background, and we are always open to expanding to other platforms. For the immediate future, we are focused on making the best PC experience we can!

Have we implemented mechanisms for cheat detection?

We will have anti-cheat implemented for STX1 and beyond. We will be continually improving our anti-cheat technology and punishing cheaters.

STX1 Overview

STX1 Dates: February 8–10, 2024 from 1PM — 9PM PST

STX1 Sigma Extraction Leaderboards Competition

Prize Pool: $100,000 in SHRAP

Extract as much Sigma as possible and be among the top 1000 Sigma Extractors to claim your share of the prize pool.

  • 1st Place: $10,000
  • 2nd Place: $5,000
  • 3rd Place: $2,500
  • 4th-10th Place: $800 (each)
  • 11th — 50th Place: $400 (each)
  • 51st — 100th Place: $150 (each)
  • 101st — 500th Place: $75 (each)
  • 501st — 1000th Place: $50 (each)

Visit to see where you rank on the leaderboards.

Winners will receive SHRAP in their SHRAPNEL accounts within 10 business days after the event concludes. Terms and Conditions apply and can be viewed on the Sigma Extraction Leaderboards page.


  • Map Name: “Yomi”
  • Player count: Max number is 12 but sessions will be able to launch with fewer based on player counts and time.
  • Map Evolution: Initially, the map will contain one high-fidelity section — “The beautiful corner”, while the rest of the map will be polished throughout Early Access. A grey box environment allows the team to integrate changes and feedback more effectively. Learn about how SHRAPNEL is pulling back the curtain on game design here!

STx1 Gameplay


  • Solos (i.e. – no team play)

Sigma Ability (1)

  • Sigma Wave

Weapons (3)

  • Pistol: “HGS1 Leo”
  • Assault Rifle: “MR84 Special”
  • Shotgun: “CSG5 Doorbreaker”

Attachments (2)

  • Can be equipped on all three weapons
  • AS-1 AccuImpact (Holographic, Projectile Impact Detector) — Legendary — comes with hit markers/feedback
  • RD-9 Sure Count (Ammo Counter) — Rare — comes with ammo counter

Throwables (1)

  • Sigma Grenade

Healing Item (1)

  • Medipen

STX1 Missions and Rewards

  • Play 1 Session (weapon skin)
  • Play 5 Sessions (weapon skin)
  • Get 5 kills (weapon skin)
  • Extract 20 Sigma (weapon skin)
  • Skins will be airdropped after the event has concluded (week of Feb 12th)
  • Skins are NFTs and will be tradable (exact date for marketplace launch and skin trading functionality TBA)
  • Players can equip their skins in-game as early as STX2

Playable Operator

Aniki Level 10

Unique Trait: Hearty (more likely to see health-related perks as part of Operator progression)


  • Careful Application (2/2): Healing items restore more health
  • Acquisition Procedure (2/3): Pick up Sigma more quickly
  • Sigma Restoration (1/ 2): Heal slightly when collecting Sigma from the environment


There is NO Persistent Inventory in STX1.

Persistent Inventory means that players can keep successfully extracted loot such as gear (e.g. attachments, weapons) and build out their future loadouts (i.e. gear gained in one session can carry over to the next one).

For STX1, every player will start with the same loadout and then search the Sacrifice Zone for additional weapons, attachments, and ammo to help them survive, collect Sigma, and extract to climb the leaderboard.

In the future, players will build their own loadouts of the gear they’ve accumulated in their inventory.

Instructions & Controls

How can Extraction Pack holders install the game?

When we launch STX1, anyone will be able to download and install SHRAPNEL through Epic Games Store. When players login through the game using their SHRAPNEL account credentials, a verification process will be run to check if the player has an Extraction Pack. If true, they’d be able to proceed to the main menu.


Have additional STX1 questions? Share ‘em with us in Discord!


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