Shrapnel- the 1st AAA Customizable FPS

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SHRAPNEL is an upcoming AAA Extraction FPS powered by next-gen community-driven tools, built on the blockchain to offer true ownership, and launching on the Avalanche network.


In the world of SHRAPNEL, a massive asteroid called 38 Sigma has collided with the moon, causing lunar meteorites to bombard a 500-kilometer-wide band around the Earth. The world speculates about what is being uncovered by the teams of paramilitary contractors guarding The Zone.


  • Gear & Crafting: SHRAPNEL’s strategic gameplay centers on how players create their loadout from both the gear they’ve extracted in previous sessions and the equipment they craft themselves.

  • Player Created Tournaments: Enterprising players can create their own tournaments within SHRAPNEL, making the rules, defining terms, and promoting their events.

  • Player Missions: All players can participate in goal-oriented missions related to extraction gameplay, content creation, and marketplace participation, with the opportunity to receive SHRAP Token rewards.

SHRAP Token & Economy

The SHRAP token will be issued as an ERC-20 token and deployed on Avalanche shortly afterward. At the token genesis event (TGE), 3 billion SHRAP tokens will be created as the total token supply, which will never increase

  • Players: can buy gear, extract it from game sessions, and sell it in the SHRAPNEL Marketplace for SHRAP.

  • Creators: can make anything from vanity items to customized weapons, maps, and map objects as well as profit from the economic value they create.

  • Curators: who successfully discover great content for the community to enjoy will also share in the spoils.

  • Land owners: who make an upfront commitment to the ecosystem will receive a fair proportion of the value creation.

Map Rewards

SHRAPNEL’s map framework includes two categories of land: The Arena (curation / promotion land), and The Podium (competition land). The primary goal of map owners is to get their maps to the center of The Podium.


Learn more on SHRAPNEL’s official website:

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