Silta: DeFi with Avalanche AMA

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Silta will be hosting an AMA via Twitter spaces today, Thursday, March 3rd at 6 pm CET

The VP of marketing at Avalanche Jay Kurahashi-Sofue will be joined by the Silta team to discuss Decentralized Finance on the Avalanche network.

The List of speakers for the Silta team will include;

  • Stanley Boots Co-Founder
  • Michael Malka Co-Fonder / CTO
  • Donato Pellegrino Product Owner
  • Rob Holmes Head of Partnerships
  • Carlos Pancrazi Outreach Manager

The AMA is set to be moderated by Irina Karagyaur, the head of growth at Silta

Set a reminder or access the space via the link Silta DeFi with Avalanche AMA

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Silta is the DeFi bridge to a sustainable future

Silta provides on-chain collateral which enables ESG-conscious infrastructure developers to access liquidity in DeFi. This is how Silta introduces a new class of products to the DeFi space. With steady interest rates, investments in real-world infrastructure can bring balance to crypto traders’ portfolios and shield against crypto winters.

What Silta Does

  • Carries out a due diligence process on collateral loan applications
  • Presents information about pre-qualified applications to the DAO and the lenders
  • Gauges the projects’ viability through the Silta scoring system
  • Assesses each project on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria
  • Empowers the Silta DAO to decide which projects are eligible for on-chain collateral
  • Facilitates a collateral loan agreement between the DAO and the borrower
  • Connects borrowers to third party DeFi loan pools
  • Provides staking pools where participants gain additional rewards on their investments

Be sure to check out the Whitepaper for Silta, available Here.

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