Snowball++ catalyst to re-ignite Avalanche Rush?

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Market participants began to fold as Avalanche slowed. But, …

Avalabs have an ace up their sleeve: Snowball++.

Here’s what we found.

Avalanche’s Weak Nodes the Root Cause?

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There have been swathes of Ethereum maxis bridging their assets to Avalanche. They’ve written 100s of thousands of transactions in a few days.

Now, Avalanche’s weakest links are showing.

Given, the advice provided by Avalanche on ample node specs is no longer adequate. Especially for large stakers.

New node requirements have been issued. There are updates coming to fix pain points. Snowball++, to be precise.

An upgrade set to make the network much more malleable to the effects we’ve experienced.

Fingers crossed, it works out for Avalanche.

GAJ Finance coming to Avalanche

GAJ is a multi-chain, DeFi platform and NFT marketplace. Now coming to Avalanche. Their token is already floating on Pangolin Exchange.

Though, the app is not yet accessible via Avalanche. Those with Matic RPCs on their metamask will be able to take a look inside.

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