Snowball Sherpa AirDrop NFT, for SNOBx Holders (500 SNOBx)

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Sherpa is the next big Avalanche project to launch. Snowball is offering an airdrop allocation to SNOBx holders–through NFTs.

Snowball’s fixed, single asset staking pool issues SNOBx. The pool requires you to lock SNOB tokens for a fixed period. Longer lock periods issue more SNOBx per SNOB.

Wallets holding more than 500 xSNOB will be able to purchase an airdrop NFT from Snowball. The NFTs will be available from today, 7 pm UTC.

Each NFT will allocate the holder an amount of SHERPA from the future airdrop. There are whale-protection mechanisms in place to restrict the amount of NFTs that can be purchased. The maximum is 10 NFTs, per day, per wallet.

Read more in their official article.

xsnob locking
Snowball locker; approx 500SNOB to lock. Roughly $100.
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