Stake $PNG, Earn AVAX

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As Avalanche Rush commenced, Avalanche and Pangolin launched a $2M incentives partnership paid out in the native $AVAX token.

The Wait is Over, Stake PNG to earn AVAX!

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Now, users can enjoy single-sided staking on community-run DEX, Pangolin.

When can I participate?

As of 16:00 UTC, September 8th, users can now deposit $PNG tokens in return for $WAVAX. $PNG single-sided staking offers 78% APR(per: September 9th, 2021). In the next three months, up to $2M WAVAX tokens are distributed to users participating.

Is there any staking lock-up?

No. As the incentive program lasts three months, users can enjoy $WAVAX rewards with the ability to withdraw at any time. If you are interested in participating, check out the link below!


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