STX3: MAY 23–26

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STX3 HIGHLIGHTS: 72-Hour Non-Stop Gaming (May 23–26)!

  • Continuous Play: No server shutdowns for the entire 72-hour event.
  • Completing Missions For SHRAP Rewards: The STX3 1 MILLION SHRAP Prize Pool will be distributed by completing missions, not by ranking on the leaderboard.
  • Bonus for Operators: Operator holders receive a bonus SHRAP reward for completing all STX3 missions.
  • Weapon Skin Crafting: Craft exclusive Shrapnel weapon skins by collecting weapon skin fragments and wildcards.
  • Marketplace: Trade weapon skins and fragments on our newly launched V1 marketplace.

For more information on weapon skin crafting and marketplace, please visit our blog:



  • Global Access: We’re keeping the servers live around the clock to ensure players from all time zones have the flexibility to play when it suits them best.
  • Technical Testing: This extended uptime enables us to assess server capacity, refine matchmaking, and collect essential data on player concurrency and more, all aimed at enhancing our always-on early access experience.

Please Note: Please be aware that as this is our first attempt at extended uptime, we may encounter some unplanned issues. This is also one of the reasons why we have decided not to base SHRAP rewards on leaderboard rankings this time.


Based on player behaviour, community feedback, and potential unexpected issues during our 72-hour server uptime, we’re shifting the SHRAP prize pool distribution for STX3. Instead of relying on the Sigma Extraction Leaderboard, we will reward players for completing missions. This change aims to include more players in the rewards system.

Please note, we are committed to continually refining our approach by tuning mission difficulty and introducing varied mission types, as well as adjusting the leaderboard structure. Our goal is to optimize your gaming experience and ensure it remains fun and engaging. We welcome your feedback and ideas on Discord!


  • Get 5 kills with the Sigma Wave — Weapon Skin
  • Extract 3 Weapon Skin Fragments — Weapon Skin
  • Extract from the Zone 5 times (Survive long enough to successfully extract) — Weapon Skin
  • Craft one Weapon Skin from Fragments — SHRAP
  • Get 10 kills with any Suppressed Weapon — SHRAP
  • Extract 4000 Sigma throughout the course of STX3 — SHRAP

Operator Holders who complete all 6 STX3 missions will receive a bonus SHRAP reward!

→ SHRAP rewards will be calculated and distributed after the data and results have been audited.

Weapon skins are NFTs, tradable, and equippable in-game.

Rewards will be airdropped within 10 business days after the event concludes. Terms and Conditions apply. We are committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable environment for all players. Any players found cheating are in direct violation of our terms of service ( and will be considered for a permanent ban. SHRAPNEL has a zero tolerance policy on cheating and we’ve banned a number of users already.



  • A variety of weapon skins, known as “Craftable skins,” can be obtained by trading in a specific set of weapon skin fragments to craft the desired skin. These fragments can be acquired during gameplay sessions or purchased from other players on the marketplace. Each craftable skin requires three unique fragments — labeled as A, B, and C — corresponding to that skin and weapon type.
  • Players can also use a Wildcard Weapon Skin Fragment in place of any one missing Weapon Skin Fragment to complete the crafting of a Weapons Skin. Wildcards can be either extracted from game or purchased in the Marketplace.
  • We will be expanding the system by introducing new Weapon Skin Fragments and retiring older ones, hence these craftable skins are available for a limited period of time.
  • Essential Tip: Use the Secure Pouch! The Secure Pouch ensures you obtain your skin fragments and wildcards, even if you fail to extract or get killed. It stores up to three at a time.
  • If you successfully extract, you will obtain all fragments and wildcards (both from your Backpack and Secure Pouch).


  • Name: “Yomi”
  • Player count: Max number is 12 but sessions will be able to launch with fewer based on player counts and time.
  • Initially, the map will contain one high-fidelity section — “The beautiful corner”, while the rest of the map will be polished throughout Early Access.
  • A grey box environment allows the team to integrate changes and feedback more effectively.
  • Recent updates: Restaurant, train station, night club, coffee shop, trees, and more.


  • Solos (i.e. no team play)


  • Sigma Wave


  • Pistol: “HGS1 Leo”
  • Assault Rifle: “MR84 Special”
  • Shotgun: “CSG5 Doorbreaker”
  • [UPDATES MADE] SMG: “Type 50 SMG”


  • Can be equipped on all four weapons
  • AS-1 AccuImpact (Holographic, Projectile Impact Detector) — Legendary — comes with hit markers/feedback
  • RD-9 Sure Count (Ammo Counter) — Rare — comes with ammo counter
  • Suppressor: a muzzle attachment that significantly reduces the noise generated when firing. Can be found as loot for each of the weapons currently in the game. (Note: does not impact recoil)


  • Sigma Grenade


  • Medipen


  • Aniki Level 10
  • Operator Unique Trait: Hearty (more likely to see health-related perks as part of Operator progression)
  • Perks:
    Careful Application (2/2): Healing items restore more health
    Acquisition Procedure (2/3): Pick up Sigma more quickly
    Sigma Restoration (1/ 2): Heal slightly when collecting Sigma from the environment


  • Persistent Inventory means that players can keep successfully extracted loot such as gear (e.g. attachments, weapons) and build out their future loadouts (i.e. gear gained in one session can carry over to the next one).
  • Persistent Inventory in STX3 implemented FOR SKIN FRAGMENTS and WILDCARDS only**.**
  • If you fail to extract or get killed, you’ll still be able to obtain any collected skin fragments or wildcards, as long as they were placed within your Secure Pouch.
  • If you successfully extract, you’ll retain any skin fragments or wildcards that you’ve collected and placed in your Backpack or Secure Pouch.
  • For the gameplay sessions, every player will start with the same loadout and then search the Sacrifice Zone for additional weapons, attachments, and ammo to help them survive, collect Sigma, and extract to climb the leaderboard.
  • In the future, players will build their own loadouts of the gear they’ve accumulated in their inventory.



Very Rare:

  • Rarely, players can fail to load into a session and instead get stuck on the loading screen
  • Rarely, player can get stuck when mantling or sigma waved into specific tight spaces on the map
  • Rarely, players can get stuck in a floaty animation when standing on gaps of just the right width (a couple specific areas of the map)
  • Very rarely, crouching or sliding in a confined space can disable WASD
  • Very rarely, players can be teleported while crouching and jumping in corners or on weird geometry. Occasionally this can instantly kill the player
  • If the user logs in with the [Enter] key, they must click through the “Press any Key” screen instead of pressing any key

Players might experience these issues while playing a game:

  • Sigma pickup can fail if you look at another piece of sigma (sigma is close by)
  • Sometimes extraction timers show the wrong time, especially when they are contested
  • Occasionally, sigma can spawn out of reach or underground
  • Players cannot vault through some windows
  • Player can exit the confines of the map in some very specific locations
  • Sigma wave fall damage cancel is inconsistent, depending on latency

Players might experience these issues with key binds and input settings:

  • Players can’t use [ESC] key to exit settings menu (must click “close” instead)
  • Hold crouch does not work (toggle crouch does)
  • Inventory cannot be closed if re-bound to [TAB]
  • Slide and slow walk cannot be remapped

There’s A LOT more to come and we are excited to continue building in public and shaping the future of SHRAPNEL with the community. We’re committed to improving the game, and these early access events help us do just that.

So we will see you in The Zone again soon!


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