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Hola from Barcelona 🙂

It has been some time since we put one of these out here, hope you all are doing great! We made our way to Barcelona to attend the Avalanche Summit and wow, what an event. We really are all going to make it.

So we have obviously been hyping up some things we have been working on and I am SOOO happy to drop this info on your heads finally. I am going to keep this nice and short, so you have more time to read through the fun stuff.


April 12th
Price — 1.5 AVAX
3,000 Pods — 9 Sectors

We decided to drop the price a bit to make it more accessible, I am sure this will be well received. There is still some info to be released on this front, so stay tuned.


ITS HERE. Give her a read and let us know what you think! This should help clarify some things for you, while also being a great hub to learn everything Pod People without reading through all of the Mediums. (even though I do love doing these)


So this has been teased a bit, but its real. We bought ole Pock as a homage to the tri-token GOATs, but now we must give him a new home.

We are going to start this tomorrow — Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022 and run it for 1 whole week.

We will have an official announcement Tweet signifying the start of the giveaway. However the giveaway itself will be handled within the Discord server. We will also make an announcement in Discord with all of the details you need to participate.

Thank you all

Keeping this one short, go explore the Gitbook and let us know how you like it. I am off to eat more Tapas and shill the Pods.

Cheers fam ❤


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