The last 2 months have been very intense at Kalao and as Q1 of 2022 comes to a close, we want to…

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The last 2 months have been very intense at Kalao and as Q1 of 2022 comes to a close, we want to provide you with an update on our progress as we remain steadfast in our commitment to offering an attractive, community-first NFT marketplace and keeping the Kalao community informed and up-to-date.

All of our highlights from recent months can be checked out in previous monthly reviews.

We have had an insane level of support on the Kalao marketplace and more people are joining every month. In February the Peng Family surpassed 10,000 AVAX worth of volume on the platform early in the month. The Peng Family was one of the hottest NFTs to arrive on Avalanche within the Kalao Marketplace.

Many other NFT projects and partnerships have contributed to a very successful and active February month:

The Kalao Governance Proposals

In addition to all the great partnerships and successful launches on the marketplace, we have been hard at work building out features that help push the Kalao ecosystem forward. One of the major pillars for growth is our community. We are committed to our community and therefore revamped the fee structure for KLO staking. Since March 1st, there is 75% of the fees being distributed to the DAO.

We opened the month of March by gathering feedback from the Kalao community on distributing fees allocated to the DAO treasury to stakers. The governance vote, which went live on March 1st, had the KLO community vote on two proposals.

This included:

  • Distribution of fees accumulated by the DAO to KLO stakers
  • Use of a veKLO system for distribution of fees and voting

After a week of voting, the results had 87% of the community in favor of the veKLO + esKLO system and Kalao will move forward with the implementation.

Strengthening our collaboration with Pangolin

As part of our collaboration with the Pangolin team, we launched a new KLO-AVAX Super Farm token liquidity pool that offers a very juicy APR. This gives an additional layer to the KLO token and we are excited to see the token grow and gain exposure on other platforms, especially in the yield farming ecosystem.

The Avalanche summit

The summit, held in Barcelona, has been an amazing opportunity for Kalao to meet with projects (NFTs, Gaming), current and future partners, users of the platform as well as the Avalanche team. The team took the opportunity to share and validate our strategy and plans with the Avalanche management team who is offering us full support.

We’re also very humbled to notice all these projects that are absolutely bullish on Kalao products and solutions.

On the Horizon

The team also decided to push the marketplace revamp as a top-priority milestone. The NFT marketplace is at the core of Kalao and builds the foundation for our other products, such as the Citadel, which will be built on top of it.

The Kalao NFT marketplace V2 will come packed with new innovative features, a completely revamped UI and UX and offers what we believe is the best user experience of NFT marketplaces on any chain.

We expect to ship the Marketplace V2 by the end of May.

Moving forward

As highlighted earlier, The marketplace V2 and The Citadel are our next 2 major milestones on the product side, expected to be delivered at the end of May. We strongly believe that this will push Kalao to the next level and will clearly position Kalao as the leading NFT ecosystem on Avalanche.

A very ambitious marketing plan is about to be rolled out to support launches of our solutions.

On the metaverse side, we’ll be unveiling our Avalanche partners who will own a shop in The Citadel in the next coming days. This will allow our users to access main Avalanche protocols and dapps directly from the Citadel as well as participate in AMAs and events in a fully customized virtual environment.

Kalao is always committed to bring users and creators alike into the NFT space and provide them with the best experience on the Avalanche network. From a number of partnerships to governance and fee changes, Kalao is supportive of the AVAX community and we have greatly appreciated the support from everyone using the marketplace, as well as supporting AVAX projects we have partnered with.

We look forward to seeing the continued support!

About Kalao

Kalao is an NFT ecosystem, leveraging a cost-effective and easy-to-use marketplace, powered by Avalanche blockchain technology combined with outstanding Kalao VR capabilities. Its framework will accelerate the adoption of VR technology to develop virtual worlds and sustain the digital transformation of business use cases.

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