The Workings of Platypus’ NFT Minting

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Find out how Platypus’ minting process embodies our values where the number one priority is you.

Welcome to the world of Platypus Heroes, where minting is transparent, fair, and safe for all users. Platypus Heroes are NFTs that upgrade users’ liquidity mining performance in Platypus Finance. How are they minted? How are their rarities distributed? We’re gonna walk you through the details of the novel NFT minting design that gives birth to our Heroes.

Random On-Chain Generation of NFTs

Random on-chain generation is not something you see every day. In fact, it’s pretty rare. Before we dive into the process and what it means to you, we’d like to lay the foundation that all Heroes are a combination of one skill and six randomly generated attributes: Accessories, Eyes, Mouth, Body, Skin, and Tail. The generation is completely done on-chain to determine the appearance and score of a particular Hero. The strength of skill they’re born with is determined by the total score of each attribute. We’ll elaborate more on that later.

In a typical NFT minting method, the NFT contents and metadata are often generated and stored off-chain, while the links pointing to these data are stored on-chain. Accordingly, the underlying minting process can be non-transparent and prone to corruption, and the off-chain storage can be susceptible to data losses. In contrast, our fully on-chain minting design ensures that the process is transparent, fair, and safe for all users.

Scores, Skills, and Powers: Calculation and Probability Distributions

Each Hero is made up of six attributes, as mentioned earlier. Each attribute falls under either A, B, C, or D category in the grading system; an A grade gives 4 scores while a D grade gives 1 score. The higher the score, the rarer it is and vice versa. Below is a table showing the probability of each grade.

Summing up all the six attributes’ scores ultimately equals a Hero’s score that, in turn, determines the Hero’s class:

Score of a Hero = Sum of its Attribute Scores

There are five classes in total: Common, Rare, Exceptional, Mystic, and Legendary. As we move up the class ladder, the rarity increases, making them less likely to come up.

Here’s the best part: each Hero is born with one out of five skills that boost the liquidity mining performance:

Speedo: Speeds up vePTP generation in percentage

Pudgy: Increases vePTP cap in percentage

Diligent: Increases vePTP generation by a fixed amount (subject to cap)

Gifted: Increases your vePTP and vePTP cap by a fixed amount

Hibernate: Retains a portion of vePTP upon unstaking (subject to cap)

The first four skills each have an equal probability of 24% of obtaining during minting, while the “Hibernate” skill is particularly rare, with a possibility only at 4%. The Power of each skill depends positively on the Hero’s score, and every skill has a specific formula for calculating the skill Power.

Possible Hero Twins

The total combinations of appearances and skills amount to (20⁶) 5 = 320,000,000, while the total supply of Heroes is 10,000. Although the supply is relatively trivial in size relative to the number of total combinations, the number of pairs implied by the supply is large (i.e., 10,000 (10,000–1)/2 = 49,995,000). Then there is still some non-trivial probability that at least one pair of Heroes are identical in both appearances and skills. Mathematically speaking, this is analogous to the classical birthday problem, which implies that, given any seemingly small sample size, the probability of coincidence tends to be greater than what your intuition guides.


  1. All Platypus Heroes are randomly generated on-chain, ensuring a transparent, fair, and safe way of NFT minting.
  2. Platypus Heroes carry scores that determine their classes and their skills’ powers.
  3. As we move up the class ladder, the rarity increases, making them less likely to come up.
  4. Although the total combinations of Heroes’ appearances and skills are massive, there is some non-trivial probability that at least one pair of Heroes are identical within our supply.
  5. Check for all the details about minting Platypus Heroes!

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