These 5 Avalanche Meme Coins are Leading as Unfathomable Bullish Hysteria Strengthens

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With avax, meme coins in the scene is overwhelming.

With all but a few stable-coins and low interest wrapped ERC20s losing in price. The last few days have sent Avalanche vertical. And with it, many other deserved tokens.

Some of the lesser known, friendlier tokens, that have been neglected during the previous dip, have been paving the way. Pulling in 3 figure gains, over the past 24 hours.

Among Avalanche’s favorite pups and pets:

  • CABAG. Avaware’s very own memecoin/yieldfarm. With huge promise. And, rumored, a new UI coming? Oh, and cross-chain? Pushing almost 100%.
image 57
  • NEKO. The lucky cat, the luckiest in ecosystem. No doubt NEKO has had a little to do with the recent luck run. Up over 169%.
image 55
  • SHIBX. The cleanest meme coin website of them all. Capitalizing on the Shiba craze that has gone viral elsewhere in crypto. Up over 70.95%.
image 56
  • HUSKY. Beginning to go near parabolic. With a whole host of clothing merch, and more. Nearing 100%.
image 58
  • SPORE. Though, Spore is in their own right a large cap at this point. No pun intended. They still moved 13%.
image 60
  • CORGI. Unfortunately Corgi was abandoned. Shame, they had a super cute mascot.

Let us know your favourite low-cap Avax meme tokens and we’ll get them added to this list.

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