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Thirdweb is beyond excited to announce a major upgrade to their already very useufl platform! They’ve been hard at work to improve the thirdweb experience on all fronts: dashboard, contracts, and SDK.

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If you’d rather skip the details and jump right into v2, you can do so below.

Completely Free to Use

The thirdweb business model has been restructured, aiming to remove any friction for developers, creators, and brands looking to build web3 apps and experiences.

The core product will always be free to use, you only need to pay gas to deploy your contracts.

This means you keep 100% of the money you make launching NFTs, marketplaces, tokens, governance contracts, and more forever.

In the future, we will introduce advanced features which you can decide to pay for. We’ll always be clear and transparent with how much these features cost.

Revamped Dashboard

The thirdweb dashboard has been streamlined and simplified by removing Projects and renaming Modules to Contracts. You can now deploy contracts directly from your wallet, saving you time and gas.

The UI has been reworked and user flows and made it more performant.

Feel free to give it a try at

Typescript SDK

Typescript SDK just got even better! It’s been given a fresh coat of paint, improved the developer experience, and added quality of life API changes.

You can play with it right now by installing the latest version:

npm install @thirdweb-dev/sdk

Deploying, configuring, and interacting with your smart contracts from your own code is now more consistent and predictable across the entire SDK.

import { ThirdwebSDK } from “@thirdweb-dev/sdk”; const sdk = new ThirdwebSDK(“your_rpc_url_or_signer”); // access your deployed contracts const nftDrop = sdk.getNFTDrop(“0x…”); const marketplace = sdk.getMarketplace(“0x…”); // Read from your contract const listings = await marketplace.getAllListings(); // Perform transactions (requires a signer) await nftDrop.claim(quantity);

Check out the new code snippets from the Dashboard directly to get familiar with the new APIs. Each deployed contract has a “Code” tab to show you how to interact with it from code.

Check out what’s new Typescript SDK and on Github.

Take Away

This is the newest version of the thirdweb dashboard and comes with many new improvements.

  • Now completely free to use during early access! We no longer take any fees.
  • Contract deployments are up to 10x cheaper – now using proxy contracts to save you gas! Deployed contracts are still 100% owned by you.
  • Projects have been removed. Instead, you can deploy contracts directly from your wallet, saving you even more gas.
  • Modules now are re-named to contracts.
  • The dashboard now has a dark mode! You can use the crescent icon in the top right to toggle it.

Dashboard | Twitter | Website


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