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In a near future where time has lost all meaning, the discovery of alien technology-empowered humanity with the ability to time travel, controlling the timeline and the course of history is the difference between anarchy and harmony. Two factions battle across time, the Time Keepers seek to maintain the timeline and restore peace and order, while the Time Breakers thrive on chaos and manipulate history for their own selfish gains. Which side will you join?

Play-and-Earn NFT based battle-arena, set in a time-traveling universe

TimeShuffle is a play-and-earn turn-based strategy game with heroes from across history battling against each other in procedurally generated battlefield arenas.

Each player can start his conquest with a free-to-play hero and progress his heroes as they play, unlocking the full potential of the crypto gaming play-and-earn model.

Check out the latest trailer below!

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Founder Pass benefits include

Auto allowlist for future NFT drops shown in the roadmap

Surprise NFT Airdrops

Earning multipliers in-game

In-game special character skin

VIP in-game utility



Players can Play and Earn collectible NFT items, NFT Heroes, and NFT Hero Camps, earn experience points, and GOLD through their journey fully utilizing the Play to Earn mechanics.

The internal NFT Marketplace allows for full trading capabilities across all game assets for the player, enabling them to easily monetize their progression and rewards.

A pioneer in the Free to Play and Play and Earn Blockchain gaming model, enabling you to start from nothing and amount to something. Play and Earn $TIMS tokens and $GOLD by competing with the best, allowing you to monetize your progression and expand your NFT Collection within the TIMS Platform. Expand your collection of NFT Heroes, NFT Items, and NFT Hero Camps – All easily sold and bought on the built-in marketplace.

Expand your collection of NFT Heroes, NFT Items, and NFT Hero Camps – All easily sold and bought on the built-in marketplace.

5500 Genesis Key NFTs

The first GENESIS Keys drop is here! Subscribe for notifications and announcements and Join the NFT allow listing procedures to secure your participation in the sale.

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Mint Date: Coming Soon

TimeShuffle rides on Avalanche

Once it starts going, nothing can stop it!
We trust AVAX can be our primary protocol for the launch of our token, limited character NFTs and overall development of our game.

We strongly believe NFTs can be scaled to the live speed of games by enhanced transaction capacity, cost and data interoperability. Mass adoption will be possible by using networks compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for all necessary DeFi operations that bring value to the Play2earn gaming model. This technology can bring NFT operations to traditional gaming and merge two powerful ecosystems, DeFi and gaming, into a new category, GameFi. This new ecosystem has what it takes to eventually dominate the game market.

We chose Avalanche due to its influence in DeFi and gaming, but also due to this blockchain’s proven track record of scalable technology and security.

In the future TimeShuffle intends to combine multiple EVM-compatible chains, allowing users to keep, store, transfer and use their unique assets on their protocol of choice, without the need to use third-party services or exit the platform. We aim to build a game-changing synergy between TimeShuffle and Avalanche.

Time Shuffle


Q2 – 2022 – May/June
  • 1st Genesis collection 
  • Open Allowlisting through Pre-Alpha Battles
Q3 – July/August
  • 1st Character Drops
  • 1st In-Game Items dropped


  • IDO
  • Stake to Mint Mechanics
  • Alpha Release
Q4 – 2022


  • 1st Arena Drop
  • Guild competitions


  • 2nd Genesis collection
  • 2nd Character Drops
Q1 – 2023


  • NFT Marketplace Live
  • 1st Global NFT Tournament

Time Shuffle Team




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