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Tip.Blue is a smart and interesting method to send or receive small tips or payments quickly, efficiently, and directly with your desired token within the Avalanche ecosystem. Has someone helped you solve a question? Thanks to the tips you read to someone on Discord you managed to make x20 on your investment? Do you like someone and want to send them some of those tokens that have been performing so well for you lately? What could be better than thanking that person with a small tip, or better yet, being the one who gets the tip for helping someone out.

One of the great things about Tip.Blue is that in the near future you will be able to do this with simple commands while using Discord, Twitter, or Telegram. Unfortunately, as of today, the latter is still a work in progress, as although the App is fully functional, as you can see here, the developers are still trying to contact Discord Support to make it functional there, a process that is taking much longer than expected due to the terrible (non-existent) support service that Discord offers, which is disconcerting for such a widely used and well-known application. However, it is only a matter of patience to await the day Discord ‘answers the phone and we can see Blue in full swing. After that, the goal is implementation on both Twitter and Telegram, at which point we’ll see the bot running at full capacity and fulfilling its main purpose: to financially incentivize good community behavior and mutual support while promoting the various tokens of the Avalanche ecosystem. 

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 Tip.Blue was born at the end of August 2021, as a product of the Avaware ecosystem with the goal of being integrated into multiple social media platforms. The $BLUE token started as an IFO from Avaware’s Launchpad, where tokens were generated via a single stake of $AVE. Shortly after, in September 2021, it launched its own farm, from which you can generate more $BLUE by contributing liquidity to the BLUE/AVAX pool or with a single stake. Currently, the best way to get your $BLUE bag is by buying it on Pangolin, using an aggregator (YieldYak, marker, or Paraswap, for example), or in the near future also using Embr.

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Be part of Tip.Blue from today! Join their Discord here, follow their latest news on Twitter and start using the App! If you have any further questions, feel free to check out their FAQs. And don’t forget that Blue is not only from Avaware, but from the whole Avalanche ecosystem! Now we just need to wait for its release in Discord, hopefully soon, to see its full potential. If you liked the article, you know what to do… $BLUE

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