Tip Blue’s Discord Tip Bot is Here!

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Tipping begins. Tip Blue beta. And it’s here with an expertly crafted dashboard. Which makes it even easier to tip one another where appropriate.

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27+ Tokens supported

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All of the household AVAX coins are supported on Tip Blue. To start tipping, you need to deposit funds. That way, you can make full use of the discord service.

Discord integration

Anywhere that Tip Blue is integrated, you can tip people.

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If you run a discord, it’s easy to get started. Head to the Deploy tab. Then, Invite Tip Blue.

To tip, use Tip Blue commands to send to those that deserve it.


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There are numerous commands you/your users can use. To get to the same list as above, input ^help .

All are explained above.

Adding new tokens

The process has been made as easy as possible.

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You add your token via Github. Any token can be added to Tip Blue. Benefiting from free marketing, and further use cases.


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