Trial Xtreme Dev Update: Full Throttle Forward

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We’ve got some exciting updates for you from the world of Trial Xtreme! Strap in as we race into our journey of progress and innovation. We have been working tirelessly to build the absolute best racing experience, and here to share the very latest on our development progress and our upcoming Soft Launch.

Laser Focused on Game Development

Since our last update, our team has been laser-focused on one mission: building the best game possible, NO EXCEPTIONS. We’ve had our heads down, working non-stop to ensure that every aspect of Trial Xtreme Freedom is top-notch. From massive improvements in gameplay mechanics to refining the smallest track details, our commitment to deliver the best player experience knows no bounds!

The Ultimate Bike Collection

We have completely overhauled our entire bike catalog with a brand-new crafting system, upgrade mechanics, and fresh bikes to take to the track. Our new crafting system has been redesigned to give you more choices in the bikes you create so you can build the ultimate track machine. We are all looking for that edge to shave off seconds to our track times, our new upgrade system will give you the power to fine-tune your bike to your specific riding style. Last but not least, you can look forward to an extensive collection of fresh bikes to add to your arsenal. Whether you are looking for acceleration or multiplayer track domination, we got a bike for you!

Compete for Glory!

It’s time for a “Showdown!” Compete head-to-head and race against riders across the world. The new “Showdown” mode will feature multiple events, tournaments, and incredible rewards. We have also refreshed our tournament system to be more competitive than ever where you can climb the leaderboard and earn your share of Fame Points.

In our most recent tournament playtest our riders completely shocked us, smashing our internal track records and setting an impressive record of 54.85 seconds beating our previous record by over 4 seconds! The competition was fierce with over 2,500 track attempts, the leaderboard shifted throughout the 4-hour period leading to a nail-biting finish. The response from our Players has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing that we are on the right track.

The Immersive World of Trial Xtreme

For all of our single players out there, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our career mode is filled with brand-new tracks, crazy physics, and second-slicing shortcuts. We’re dedicated to creating a rich and immersive single-player experience that’s just as rewarding as our multiplayer experience. We are even bringing back some fan favorites that have been completely refreshed.

Our new “Festival Zone” is your bustling social hub to connect with fellow riders. You can share your favorite stories, check out the latest shift in the leaderboard, and even order a hot dog too! This new area will feature interactive NPCs, in-game chat, and a never-ending party where you can show off your latest dance moves.

We want you to have the freedom to express yourself in Trial Xtreme Freedom, we have added new Heroes and endless customizations you can make to your rider. From sleek and stylish to annoyingly adorable, we will have you covered!

Progress On All Fronts

We’ve had monumental progress over the past few months. Every day brings new challenges and a series of improvements. We are reviewing every detail, smashing bugs, testing multiplayer elements, and implementing innovative features that will redefine what’s possible, not only for racing but for all mobile gaming. The progress we have made is a testament to our dedication and passion and we can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks.

Building the Best Takes Time

We can’t wait to invite you to join us in Trial Xtreme Freedom and party together in the Festival Zone, but quality takes time. We are striving to build the best racing game, period, without compromise. Our focus is on depth, quality, and an immersive experience that will keep you coming back to the track every day. We are working to ensure a fair, balanced, and comprehensive competitive environment, backed by robust security and anti-cheat tools.

The Track Ahead

Exciting announcements are on the horizon, and we can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks. You’ll be hearing from us more frequently as we continue to make major strides in development. Stay tuned for our next update on how we’re using our mountains of data analytics to build the best player experience!

Join Us!

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Thank you for being part of this journey. With your help, we will take Trial Xtreme to new heights.

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