WAGMI: Avalanche Subnet

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If you’ve used the Avalanche C-Chain more than two times you now have 10 WGM in your wallet which will be enough to cover hundreds of transitions on the new WAGMI subnet.

The WAGMI (“We’re All Going to Make It”) Subnet Demo is a high throughput testbed for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) optimizations. It is parameterized to run at a factor more capacity than Fuji/Mainnet C-Chain and will be used to experiment with release candidates before they make it into an official coreth release.

This is one of the first cases of using Avalanche Subnets as a proving ground for changes in a production VM (coreth). Many underestimate how useful the isolation of subnets is for performing complex VM testing on a live network (without impacting the stability of the primary network).

wagi params 66b93e076e63ad044f2944b30bc93b55

There is a basic WAGMI explorer available at  https://trywagmi.xyz

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Subnet Info
Adding WAGMI to MetaMask
Network Stats
  • block gas limit: 20,000,000 (2.5x C-Chain)
  • 10s gas target: 100,000,000 (~6.67x C-Chain)
  • min fee: 1 Gwei (4% of C-Chain)


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