Wanderella: NFT Collection on Avalanche

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Wanderella is an NFT collection made to honor beautiful, badass women that’s launching right here on Avalanche.

Presale is Saturday 1/22 at 8 pm PST and the public mint Sunday the 23rd at 6 pm PST.

Owning a Wanderella NFT gives you access to limited edition artdrops, treasure hunts, and more!

It is The Wanderella Team hopes to be able to promote diversity & inclusion in what they believe to be a male-dominated NFT space, as well as empower women and give back to the NFT community.

In this post

  • 10% For every 10 primary sales, we pick one lucky random owner to receive a physical signed, numbered, dated art print!
  • 20% We release a limited edition NFT
  • 30% We launch interactive NFT gallery to feature holders
  • 40% 2.5% of all primary sales will go to Girls not Brides
  • 50% New limited edition art airdropped to 3 lucky holders
  • 60% 2.5% of all primary sales go to the Malala Fund
  • 70% New exclusive merch airdropped to 3 lucky holders
  • 80% We release a limited edition NFT.
  • 90% Merch store launched with exclusive, unique goodies for holders like tees, hoodies and more.
  • 100% Community NFT treasury is formed: 25% of all primary sales will be reinvested in other NFTs. New roadmap released.

Efforts have already been established to give back to charities as well as creators


5% of all primary sales will go to two charities: the Girls Not Brides, a charity that tackles child marriage, and the Malala Fund, a non-profit organization that champions every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education. All donations will be shared on social media to keep ourselves accountable.

NFT Creators

25% of all primary sales will be invested back in other NFT to support other artists in the crypto art space and make sure that the community Benefits! The criteria: great art and great potential. Holders can make suggestions in the Wanderella Discord.

The Artist

Keira Bui. She’s an artist/designer who has 5+ years of experience working at Microsoft. She’s incredibly passionate about crypto, NFT, and the metaverse. Keira has always been active in the art/design community and wants to promote female empowerment with her art. You can follow her on Instagram @wanderellaco.



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