Weekly Update 21/03/2022

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New Yield Generating Strategies

  1. Joint LP Strategies : we are doing final testing and reviews on our Joint LP Strategies, these strategies create LP’s by utilising assets from different single asset strategies to create an LP. Initially we plan to release these strategies utilising Solidly stable pools allowing users to earn yield on pairs such as USDC-MIM and USDC-FRAX in single asset vaults, with the second phase being to release joint LP strategies for volatile pairs implementing our rebalancing mechanics from our hedge LP strategies which will allow for better capital utilisation & also take away the risk of liquidation (which is currently low risk due to us setting low c-ratios in our core strat)
  2. Generalised LP vault : Similar to our core strat this strategy will create an LP position and allow users to farm rewards for higher yields while maintaining a hedged position. However this strategy will create LP’s for assets not including the vaults underlying token for example we can create LINK / FTM LP by borrowing against USDC earning yield on this pair for USDC depositors
  3. Other Strategies : we also have a few modified versions of our core strategy in the final stages of development including generalised version which enables any two assets to be borrowed to create an LP and farm yield & a port of our core strategy to work with Beethoven unbalanced LP’s
  4. Integrating LQDR Hundred Pool : we’re doing some final testing on an update version of the lending strategy to integrate LQDR’s Hundred Finance Pools which at the current returns should provide a boost in yields across vaults

Other Developments

  • Yield Redirect : We’ve completed a final refactor of our Yield redirect which will allow users to deposit LP’s and automatically have farming rewards redirected to some other asset for example farming rewards can be swapped to USDC & deposited into Yearns vault allowing for yield to be earned on stables. We’re undergoing some final testing & reviews but should be ready to go live very soon with our first deployments
  • Dojima : we’re currently working on building an MVP UI for options with our contracts also in final stages of testing with our first use cases being providing options on vault deposits (allowing users to swap rv Tokens for yv Tokens meaning they can essentially swap to get the best yield over a certain period and also protect against any vulnerabilities which would lead to losses in our vaults) & also potentially developing some fixed yield products to sit on top of our vaults
  • Token Launch : we’re allocating some time over the next week to drill down into what we think will be the optimal mechanics for our token with our plan to push forward for a release in early Q2 (our initial plans of launching in Q1 has been put off as we’ve ended up spending a lot more time into fleshing out our testing infrastructure for new strategies — although this means we can be allot more confident in deploying new strategies to our vaults going forward)

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