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In this article we hope to get you excited about what we have been building and answer all the questions you may have. (There is a little treat for you at the end of this article)

But first let me tell you our story…

Pod People was born in the depths of the NFT bear market in October of last year when a handful of NFT degens became frens and used their collective brainpower to spawn an idea for something grand. The work began not long their after. We recruited a team of 10 artists, outlined our stylistic vision to them and the design process has been ongoing until now.

Our mission was to give our buyers something unique, something handmade, something they were proud to have in their wallet. With this goal in mind, we decided to have every pod (all 10,000) be handcrafted by our team, and the results speak for themselves. They are stunning.

While the design process was ongoing, we had our eyes set on launching on Solana. At the time, the Solana NFT market was hot, and we saw an opportunity to make a big splash with Pod People. Well, as time went on one thing became very clear to us; Solana was not the ecosystem we wanted to launch within. We wanted to be in a place where communities were wholesome, where the people encouraged ambitious goals and where the ecosystem is supportive. With all that in mind, the choice was clear, we were moving to Avalanche.

That brings us to today, where we are just a few weeks off from our imminent launch on Avalanche.

What is Pod People?

On the surface, Pod People is a NFT project launching on Avalanche. We will be releasing 10,000 Pods; each Pod is one “room” on a single mothership. The mothership is divided into 21 sectors with each sector being aesthetically unique from the previous one. The art for the Pods has been painstakingly hand crafted over the last few months. Yes, we mean hand crafted. 10k Pods, 10 artists over a span of 4 months, the math hurts our heads too.

This effort resulted in a beautiful spread of choices for anyone interested in jumping on board with us. The real magic of Pod People isn’t just the art, it’s what we are doing under the hood. Coded into each Pod is what we are calling “Functions”. Every Pod will come loaded with 1 of our 20 different functions, with each function operating like a subdomain in the Pod People ecosystem, but more on this later.

You will see us talk about the “Pod People Ecosystem” otherwise known as the “Podaverse” quite often, so let me explain. The best way to look at the Podaverse is to understand we are creating our own micro-society and societies cant thrive without good infrastructure, right? So, to ensure our mini society can thrive, we are going to build out that infrastructure, known to us as “services”. Remember the functions your Pod comes with? Here is where they come in.

Functions serve a very important role in the Podaverse, as they are what we will build the Services upon. Wat mean? It’s simple. If your Pod’s function is the one we build a service on, you (the owner) will share in a portion of all revenue generated from that service. Now remember, I said we have 21 different functions, and we plan to use every last one of them.

Now you’re really paying attention, aren’t you? Keep reading, it will all click together soon.

You must be wondering what we plan to build for services right? We have a war-chest full of ideas for this feature so no need to worry. First, let me explain what we are looking for in terms of services we build out. We plan to take existing DeFi and GameFi protocols and create a fork of them for our ecosystem. To make this simple to understand, I will give an easy example of our services in action.

Let’s assume we wanted to create a Pod People DEX. From here, we build a DEX and host it upon the “Energy” function. Now everyone who owns a Pod with the Energy function is a stakeholder in this DEX. You may know this, you may not, but a good DEX earns good revenue. Revenue that will be shared amongst stakeholders (Energy function Pod owners).

As you can see, owning a Pod is much more than just owning a pretty NFT. In fact, owning a Pod means you own a piece of everything we build. Exciting innit?

But we didn’t stop there…

Let me introduce you to our native token, $BSACK. Now I can’t spill all the beans on $BSACK because I need content to write about next week, but I will give you some things to dwell on. All Pod owners will earn $BSACK passively, simply by holding a Pod in their wallet. Now of course this seems great, but I know you are wondering what the point of it is.

This is where I must stop, for we have big plans for $BSACK that we are not ready to release just yet. However, you can rest easy knowing that the team has designed $BSACK to be sustainable and rewarding. However, I will leave you with few important points about the economics driving $BSACK as a little treat…

We will not build a service that doesn’t utilize $BSACK in some way, and we will not build a service that encourages the dumping of $BSACK. Simple.

We also are launching $BSACK with one key thing in mind, but you’ll have to speculate on this. Hint: Avalanche is launching a new feature very soon; one we will be using to its full extent.

Now for that little treat…

Below is a link to a quick quiz based on this write up. Simply fill it out, get 100% and you will be entered into our Pod Pass raffle. To be considered, also ensure you RT our Tweet with the link to this article.

Remember frens, 1 Pod Pass = 1 Free Pod. Simple.

Before taking the quiz, make sure to connect with us on our socials to stay in the loop.

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