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The first phase of any product is the ideation phase; you think about all the possible scenarios, weigh your options and decide on a route to take. When building a game, you have to decide on dozens of choices, especially when you’re building a game in web3. In this new era, there were a couple of main questions that kept surfacing in our brainstorming sessions.

Which blockchain do we use?

One of the hardest decisions when building a game is which blockchains to build on top. Back in the day, Ethereum was the only suitable chain that allowed building on top but that has changed dramatically since. Layer ones, subnets, parachains, layer two’s, IBC and any imaginable interpretation to blockchain technology is now available, all thriving in their own way.

Each chain has their own unique features while they mainly do the same fundamentally; store data. However, there are quite some differences when truly making a list of available options;

Ease-of-use — You have to build on a blockchain in order to use it and constantly sync with it to reflect your latest changes. When a chain uses a programming language that’s easy to understand, it will be easier to deploy. The more complex things get, the harder it will become to easily deploy new features, while it might be superior to other chains on other fronts.

Financial model — The way transactions are handled can differ in many ways. Some chains have a fixed price for transactions, some have fluctuating gas prices like Ethereum and what does that mean for your game?

Ecosystem — The chain can be really good, but the ecosystem is a factor that’s very important too. How many service providers are there offering chain analysis, wallets to store funds, how is the security on the chain and how does one get their funds on the specific chain. On this matter, the service providers community around the chain is extremely important.

These are just three points to point out how complex the decision making process is. We’re spending tons of time discussing with all the major chains out there to make the best choice.

How much should run on-chain and how much off-chain?

Continuing the conversation around which blockchain to use, it’s important to decide how much of your game will live on-chain. We thought that having as much as possible occurring on-chain, would be the ideal scenario, with transparency, immutability according to the ethos of being a decentralized ecosystem.

However, we quickly learned that this doesn’t meet our high standards for player experience. Blockchains can be clunky, cause hiccups or take a long time to process transactions, time our players don’t have. Players want fast gameplay, and quick settlement to proceed within their game experience. We are game-first builders and focus on the user experience and the gameplay, therefore we shall be using the best innovative blockchain solutions while taking into account our main goal; the player experience.

What does our playing field look like?

We’re operating in a new industry with a variety of games out there, but it’s still hard to navigate around this playing field. In contrast to traditional gaming, there is no wide availability of data reporting on the latest developments and results of successful games or marketplaces, these are all yet to be built.

We are still exploring what the technical capabilities of this new world are. We’ve seen the first boom of games arise in web3 that pushed the boundaries of game development so we believe we shall see more of this fascinating progress in the near future. We’re here to continue and take part in this great innovating progress and push our boundaries beyond anything out there today.

Go big or go home

The above is a glimpse of questions that make building in web3 so fascinating. The realm of possibilities is endless, and we’re here for it. After we noticed that the level of creativity and exploration plateaued in traditional gaming, we knew that things had to change. This new industry already feels like a breath of fresh air, and we’re just getting started.

Instead of simply thinking about building the next game, we’re already contemplating how we can build out Gameplay Galaxy to be a complete ecosystem, not just one game. The future of online extreme sports will be with us, and Trial Xtreme will be the start. We’ve started leaning back with our bat in hand, preparing to swing and hit our first home run with many to follow.

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