Yield Yak Swap (Alpha) Get Bigger Bags for your Crypto

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Yield Yak has conquered compounding on Avalanche. And now they’re coming for more. Yield Yak swap ensures you get the best price on your trades.

Spread is a problem in DEFI, as is pricing disparity. See our Avalanche DEX spread article to see the widths for some popular pairs.

Yield Yak have built an answer to this. Show all prices, and rank them by the best.

yield yak swap avax gdl
Yield Yak price comparison for an AVAX / GDL swap.

By optimizing your purchase, you will get more crypto on your trade. Each exchange has a different supply of crypto, so prices are different too.

yield yak swap avax usdt
Best DEXs for AVAX USDT.

They support most Avalanche DEXs, but there are some others too. Including Sushi Swap. Potentially hinting at future integrations for Yield Yak?

yield yak cross chain
Yield Yak has already added a chain change button.


In other news:

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