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A continuous battle rages in the world of Esperia and you must defend your faction.

The elves of the Blue Faction (Fantom) reside in the woods and countryside of Esperia. Lovers of nature, the Blue Faction lives in harmony with its surroundings.

The dwarves of the Red Faction (Avalanche) inhabit a large, technologically advanced city in the center of the continent. Lovers of industry and their ingenious steam-powered machinery, the Red Faction dwells in monumental buildings towering over the surrounding landscape.

The two factions peacefully coexisted until the recent arrival of humans. While some humans preferred the tranquility of the elves, others chose the fast-paced world of the dwarves.

PVP Game

It’s a continuous battle within the world of Esperia. Whenever you get instantiated into the Battlefield you must fight (25VS) 25 Players from the other faction. Earn $AWT Tokens based on your gameplay: Kills, deaths, assists & more!

Each battle is locked in for 20 minutes, once that is over the game comes to an end. Upon completion of the event, all participants will be returned to the Main Lobby from which they are able to create a new room or join one.

Free to Play Options

Ava War is free to play, but if you want to earn while playing it requires an Esperian NFT. You can play as Red or Blue, but you need an NFT from the specific faction (the Red or Blue side) to start earning your AWT Tokens.

Read more: https://docs.avawar.net/whitepaper/tokens-and-nfts.

Q2 Roadmap and Mint!

Extensive Lore and World Building Via Music

They currently have 10 pages of lore and world building content in the docs, with a focus on world building music spread across the docs.

We especially enjoy the lore from various factions, how they came to be, what they care about, and how they feel about their current world situation.

We can’t cover it all, so read more here: https://docs.avawar.net/.

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