Chikn Introduces FarmLand to Their Growing Ecosystem!

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If you feel like you may have missed out on Chikn this may be your chance to start paving your way into the Chikn eco-system. Chikn changed the game for NFTs and now intends to change the game for LP farming, literally so, with the launch of FarmLand.

FarmLand is your very own plot of land in the Chikn Metaverse and it’s an upgradable, interactive NFT that gamifies LP farming, and acts as a ‘home-base’ for all things Chikn-ecosystem. FarmLand is your key to maximizing rewards across the entire Chikn ecosystem. By interacting directly with its metadata, this permanently upgradeable NFT allows you to harvest more rewards from EGG-LP tokens, and faster — distributed through our native LP Farms.

For Chikn owners, FarmLand is critical to earning more FEED and growing their Chikn to the higher levels required, to both earn more egg and get ahead for play-and-earn gaming. However, you don’t need a Chikn to reap the benefits of heartier rewards facilitated by FarmLand! FarmLand is a natural, accessible entry point to the full Chikn ecosystem.

ALL chikn owners have already been airdropped a FarmLand NFT.

If you have missed out, you can buy one from the native marketplace OR…. You can mint one

Instead of minting with AVAX or by burning egg, FarmLand will be minted by burning EGG-AVAX JLP tokens. These tokens can only be acquired by providing liquidity to the EGG-AVAX pool at Once the LP tokens are burned, there is no way to claim the liquidity back from the pool, meaning every minted FarmLand means a permanent contribution of EGG-AVAX liquidity.

It’s worth noting that this mint purely benefits the liquidity of EGG and the ecosystem. The Chikn Team will receive no access to, nor profits from, the LP burned during the Mint.

The Mint

  • Total supply: 5,000 FarmLand NFTs *

  • Already airdropped: 2,174 FarmLand NFTs

  • Available for Mint: 2,826 FarmLand NFTs

From the mint alone, Chikn aims to establish close to $1mm of permanent EGG liquidity, with plenty more to come once FarmLand is active.

This is a publicly available mint and anyone can participate.

  • Mint price: 16 JLP Tokens (from EGG-AVAX LP)

  • ~120 EGG + equivalent AVAX in JLP tokens

  • Mint time: 00:00 UTC, Sunday 20th February.

FarmLand was built as part of the bedrock for the Chikn platform — but it’s also fully cross-compatible for launchpad partners, and all others who wish to integrate it into their own projects.

“FarmLand means further assurance of ample liquidity, will serve as the backbone for Chikn and Roostr, and will create further entry-points for new users.

Importantly, it will also allow for the imminent expansion of the Chikn ecosystem — with play-and-earn gaming, the Eggnite Launchpad, and all future features of the platform.”

Here is an update look at their ecosystem, the most advanced NFT architecture in the Avalanche ecosystem.

On Friday February 24th 21:00 UTC native LP farming plus FarmLand NFT activation launches at This means everyone will be able to begin LP farming to earn those higher feed rewards, plus begin upgrading their FarmLand NFTs. There’s still one more, unannounced surprise with your Farmlands which will be revealed on activation. 

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