Cyberstella: a futuristic-themed Japanese space-opera P2E game

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Cyberstella, is an NFT-focused, play-to-earn (P2E) game with a cyber opera theme. Inspired by new-retro and science fiction animations, the NFTs are collectible PFP, and your avatar immerses your character deep into the heart of the game.

As a company, Cyberstella’s goal is to become the next generation of Japanese video games. Combining manga culture and web3 trends, they are contributing to the next version of the internet that is owned by the builders and users, all orchestrated with tokens.

Game NFTs

Crew: Players can explore space and undertake jobs offered by crew. The crew have exploration, combat, and looting capabilities, and have their own unique skill set.
Spaceship: Each spaceship has a maximum amount of resources and items it can carry, and each crew has different abilities to mine resources and find items.


Your ultimate goal is to create the strongest crew, your avatar NFT in the world of Cyberstella.

The crew has multiple factors in determining its strength, such as rarity, levels, abilities, and scout (mint) counts.

In a race against time, players have to make it through different planets while collecting recourses before their energy runs out. Make stops along the way to mine artefacts and collect tokens.

Learn more about the gameplay here:

Game Tokens

UCC (Universal Century Coin) is the stable in-game currency

  • Earned by exploration

  • Used for recovery, scouting, minting, level up, and more

STL (Stella) is a governance token for the Cyberstella gameplay.

  • Earned through gameplay exploration, job, and mainly battles.

  • Used to unlock levels, mint higher rarity crews.

Cyberstella Team

The team lineup holds a roster of individuals holding extensive and in-depth experience in their respective fields.


Cyberstella will close fundraising in Q4 2022 and release a starter package of NFTs and tokens. The game launch is planned for Q1 2023.

To follow Cyberstella:
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