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AvaDice Aims to Solve Sustainable Tokenomics for their NFT Holders

Many NFT collections are below minting price, not owned by the community, and although they provide staking rewards, the price of their tokens falls fast due to no ongoing revenue or outside demand.

Adding iGaming to NFTs

Their goals is not to just sell sweet jpegs – they are implementing igaming & NFTs with NFT holders as the main beneficiary – but they also love to roll the dice and sell unique jpegs 😉.

AvaDice aims to prove that productive NFTs can be eye catching, have artistic value, and monetary value.

Multi Game Approach

There are various games available on their platform. Dicev1, v2, coinflip, and crashgame. The goal is to build simple yet fun games similar to real world games. They will pay out AVAX and other Avalanche native tokens used in game to holders of the 4,444 handcrafted NFTs.

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Holders Advantage

According to their published tokenomics, immediately after the minting process is complete, they will distribute $AVAD original minters.

NFT Staking to Participate in Rewards

One benefit to holding AvaDice NFTs is being able to stake them for $AVAX and $AVAD for potential passive rewards on YetiSwap. This pool will last for 1 month and each nft holder will receive an equal amount of avax rewards. At the end of the month, they aim to create a $AVAD NFT staking pool on http://avadice.io. The reward distribution in the $AVAD NFT staking pool will be based on NFT rarities.

Rewards from Game Usage

The currencies accepted on our igaming platform are $AVAX, $AVAD and eventually other Avalanche native tokens. Each of these games has different strategies. The total platform earnings, fees and more will be distributed to NFT holders.

Holders Get A Discount When Playing

Each game has different rules and settings but NFT holders receive higher winning chances in every game they play.

Perpetual Royalty Rewards

They aim to add a new system of royalty use that focuses on rewarding holders and token burns.

2.5% of all secondary sales on their marketplace will be shared with other NFT holders.

Another 2.5% will be used to buyback and burn $AVAD.

Sales on secondary marketplaces will have a 2-3% royalty used entirely to buyback and burn $AVAD.

Ecosystem Project Tokens

Multiple ecosystem tokens will be usable in AvaDice and will expand over time. Currently, the tokens available are $AVAX, $AVAD, $BIZ, and $FIEF.

Leaderboards Bring in More Reward

There will be a reward distribution based on the leaderboard ranking on the platform. NFT holders will receive more rewards than public players on the leaderboard.

Additional Minting Rewards



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