Project Highlight: AVAXP Play To Earn Wagering

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The first play-to-earn wagering platform on Avalanche for popular games.

GameFi has been heating up on Avalanche, but AVAXP brings a new spin that has high potential to draw in users from the traditional gaming industry.

Rather than creating a game on chain, they are building a platform that allows players to bet on their own performance in their favorite existing games.

“Gamers can now be rewarded (outside their game) for their skill and knowledge – the same way professional esports athletes are financially rewarded for using their skill and knowledge to compete.”

The launch will focus on integrations with four top tier games: Runescape, League Of Legends, Dota 2, and Fortnite, which all stand in the top played games lists across the world.

The upside of their approach to a platform is twofold.

  1. They can build a platform on top of top tier games, allowing them to thrive in AAA game settings without the burden of game development.

  2. Their platform represents a great way to introduce existing gamers into the new era of play-and-earn, drawing in a large new market.

The application itself showcases a leaderboard and seamless user experience between placing bets and playing games (we spy Emin in #2).

Their Token, AXP, will launch on Avalanche in Q1 2022 and will be used to provide this utility to the platform:

The app screenshots revealed so far look great. A seamless user experience between gaming and betting.

AVAXP is still in the early stages, pre-token launch, which is a great time for AVAX followers to join their ride.

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