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This week’s project highlight focuses on a very exciting upcoming NFT launch with Avalanche’s El33t H4xor himself, Emin Gün Sirer, in the spotlight. Here is a rundown of the important aspects so you can stay up to speed before launch on January 14th.

High artistic quality, worthy of its name

The drawings are hand made from scratch, hours of production with thousands of brushstrokes.

A tribute to the founder of Avalanche

With the mission & vision to strengthen the Avax ecosystem. This is like a badge of honor for us that we carry with pride.

Tempting prize pool allocation

giving back to the community through activities. Approximately ~$200,000 budget is allocated for minting raffles, weekly marketing activities, and floor sweeps post-sale. We are going to market buy the legendary Neo NFT from a lucky minter for $13,370 and we would like to gift it to Emin Gun Sirer himself. Also an extra budget that is worth of 500 AVAX is allocated to establish a Chikn farm, strategically divided between Chikn NFTs, $EGG and $FEED tokens.

Valuable collaborations with projects to generate yield for holders

We have already announced our partnership with Chikn, we are already verified by Kalao marketplace and we will be officially listed there as soon as the minting event is over. We have partnered with Avax Rarity, so the minters will be able to see the rankings of their NFTs as soon as the sale is completed. We are also in the talks with other projects who already have something developed on the Avalanche ecosystem, and some projects who are in the verge of their launches. With the collaboration of these projects, El33t will provide yield generating opportunities for its holders, whitelist allocations for the presales for these upcoming projects. Also in some cases, free tokens of these projects will be airdropped to the holders of our NFTs. By holding the NFT, the users will have the chance to become a VC themselves, either by owning a fractionalized part of a valuable NFT or become a part of a top tier allocation. This is a chance for them to be involved in these without the need to hold large bags of some token + a chance to own a part of an NFT which they wouldn’t be able to afford themselves.

Avaware is a DeFi Hub on Avalanche that can help new projects from start to finish including Farms, Launchpad IFO, NFT Public Sales, Marketing via their portfolio of Avalanche projects and more, we’re happy and confident this partnership will bring value to us and our investors.

Sustain the project with long-term plans that provide utility to holders

Apart from the 8 week allocated budget for post sale activities, the 2% royalties of each sale on Kalao will be reserved for marketing budget. In summary, these are not just jpegs but valuable tickets to be a part of an Eleet membership club, while earning passive income, participating in token sales and receiving the tokens of the partner projects. We are also open to project applications, in case they need funding, we can offer grants for development, marketing etc., acting as a kickstarter and a backer for valuable projects that would like to add some value to and develop something on the Avalanche ecosystem.

Minting Date: the 14th of January 7pm GMT. Minting Price: 2 AVAX

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