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Lost Worlds Overview

Lost Worlds is a 1st of its kind NFT platform experience where NFTs are geographically bound to real world locations for collectors to discover and mint.

The platform gives creators and brands the ability to use geo-location as a medium, merging the physical and Web3 world providing a new layer of scarcity and utility in how we evaluate and value people’s experience with NFTs. In short, Lost Worlds brings NFTs into the real world.

Introducing Continents NFTs

Continents are geographically bound NFTs connected to one of the seven continents around the world. This will be a limited edition series (250 per continent) and give people a chance to use the Lost Worlds platform around the world.

Travelers Have an Advantage

You will only be able to mint the NFT corresponding to the continent where you are currently located. For example, those in the U.S. can only mint North America. That said, you can buy and sell a Continent NFT on the secondary marketplace until you own the full set, even if you don’t currently reside on that continent.

$LOST Tokens Rewards for Collectors

Every Continent NFT you mint comes with rewards in the form of $LOST tokens. You also receive minter dividends which is another reward in $LOST tokens for every subsequent mint after yours. Meaning just for minting a Continent NFT, you will earn $LOST tokens.

When a user collects all 7 continents, they can go to their achievements, and claim the reward (Global NFT, and LOST tokens) in exchange for burning their 7 continents

To learn more about the $LOST token, go to our whitepaper here.

The Global NFT Collector Challenge

The Global NFT is the ultimate reward and the “Big Payday” challenge event. Those who collect all seven Continents NFTs will be given the opportunity to burn them in exchange for the ultra rare Global NFT. There are only five Global NFTs available. Holders of the Global NFT will receive a reward in additional $LOST tokens for winning the challenge.

Royalties for Holders

Every Continent NFT comes with a Minter Royalty, so if you decide to sell your continent, you can earn royalties in perpetuity.

How To Mint The NFTs?

Continents is an exclusive project on the Lost Worlds platform. In order to mint NFTs on Lost Worlds you need to be staking the $LOST utility token on You are only able to mint via your mobile phone, but can access via desktop. In order to mint on your phone you can download metamask or trust wallet on iOS or Android or any Wallet Connect.

During the launch phase of Lost Worlds you will only need to stake 20 $LOST in order to access the platform, after the warmup period of 30 days or so you will need to stake at least 100 $LOST. Staking your $LOST also gives you staking rewards, early access to project, achievement and voting rights on the new Location Based drops.

What about Antarctica?

While they would love to have people travelling to Antarctica to mint NFTs, they decided to incentive the Lost Worlds and Avalanche community by whitelisting Antarctica to jump start their collection.

If you are an “explorer rank” in the Lost Worlds discord, and or own an APA, Hopper, Craft, or 900 GB, you will be whitelisted to mint Antarctica.

Upcoming Lost Worlds IDO

The Lost Worlds IDO is happening through Avalaunch sometime in March. If you are eligible, you can stake $XAVA and receive an allocation.

Lost Worlds: Portals

The Portals NFT series encourages you to travel to the world’s most famous landmarks as they are today. The project underscores the fragility of our physical world and we’re offering a way to immortalize your experience at these monuments through the immutable blockchain.

About The Team

The team consist of a group of engineers and marketers with experience at global companies including IBM, General Assembly, and Time Magazine. The team in total is currently 7 members, including the core team (@quaison, @ill_type_move, @MatLW, @0xlostatect), as well as @DataNFT who works on content and @sam_hughes_ who works on creative for some of our internal projects dropping on the platform. 

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