Project Highlight: SnowCone DAO

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We have a mid-week update for you on an upcoming project that we see big potential in for the AVAX community, SnowCone DAO.

While AVAX has many fundraising options for large projects, we have been missing a project that aids smaller, newly forming organizations or causes to fundraise and release their own tokens easily.

That’s where SnowCone comes in – A DAO Creation & Management Infrastructure.

Their core features aimed at making DAO management simple are:

  • Framework For On-Chain Governance 🕸️

  • Fundraising and Value Creation 📈

  • Plug & Play Infrastructure 🔌

  • Organizational Distribution 📁

  • Control Staking, Fees, Rewards, and Token Distributions

  • Receiving & Tracking Payments

  • Administrator Management/Governance Proposals

  • Analytics & Data

We recommend you read their latest medium post with a full explanation of the platform by clicking the image here:

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