Project Highlight: Snowman DAO

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Snowman DAO launched in December and offers a unique project that aims to reward users via one of the most popular tokens on Avalanche, TIME, in order to build a long-lasting and large community DAO. Once this base community is grown, the community will determine what comes next.

The unique aspect here is that instead of rewarding holders with their own SNOWMAN token, the rewards are paid out in TIME, which given the popularity of TIME is a big incentive for users to hold SNOWMAN.

In addition, they’ve built in a tax on all sales of SNOWMAN to incentivize holders. 13% of proceeds from user sales of SNOWMAN will go back to the treasury.

The goal of this is to attract a strong community to help develop the future of their DAO.

This graphic provides a good layout of how they believe their system stands out:

Read their full vision article by clicking the Snowman image below or check out their site and discord with the red buttons.

Remember, we bring you new and upcoming projects to keep you up to speed in this fast-paced environment. We do not vouch for the safety of their contracts or community, please do your own research.

Snowman Discord

Snowman Official Site

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