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Lace up your boots and get ready to moonsault into the Wrestling Metaverse – the first in a series of next generation combat sports games. Powered by Avalanche, the game thrusts players into a MMO metaverse experience that rewards them for their participation and provides them with true in-game ownership!

The Wrestling Metaverse World

Wrestling Metaverse will allow budding combatants to enter this exciting new world and recreate the pro wrestling experience totally within the digital realm, featuring:

  • Intense PvP battles and creative PvE showdowns.

  • A ranking system where the best players win championship belts.

  • Daily tasks and quests to keep the in-game characters in-shape.

  • Strategic meta gameplay through factions – known as ‘Promotions.’

  • An opportunity to connect with real-life wrestling heroes.

That’s right, real professional wrestling stars will be featured in the game, offering fans a chance to interact with their wrestling idols like never before. Players will also be able to feature in different match types like Battle Royals, Cage Matches, Tables, Ladders & Chairs,  and perform when the lights are brightest in monthly ‘Pay-Per-View’ events… if they make the cut.

Taking inspiration from beloved and record-breaking games of the past, WM will feature a WWF No Mercy-style combat system, as well as elements of other games like World of Warcraft and Super Smash Bros – sounds like an epic combination.

As if this wasn’t enticing enough, players will also be able to invade and challenge other players from different promotions and territories within the metaverse, for the right to control that promotion. So the most dedicated players will need to stay on their guard if they want to remain at the top of the mountain.

But even though players will end up taking on their neighbour for metaverse dominance, community is at the heart of what the game and the team want to provide – a feeling encapsulated by the fact players will eventually be given overall control of the game itself. The world’s first community-owned wrestling game experience…


The awesome part? Each wrestler is its own NFT. This gives players the chance to invest a piece of combat gaming history and also potential value for the future, as well as creating income for the real-life wrestlers.

A Closer Look

There will be three forms of wrestler NFT playable characters available:

  • ‘WM ORIGINALS’ – A limited collection of genesis wrestlers each with their own unique look and feel. Many of these will be released prior to the release of the game, then released as in-game rewards for key supporters.

  • ‘PRO WRESTLERS’ – NFT Characters based on the persona of real-life wrestling superstars who have offered their likeness to the game. The wrestler-in-question will earn each time his or her NFT is sold, along with a portion of resales.

  • ‘USER GENERATED WRESTLERS’ – NFT Characters produced solely by the creativity of WM players. These will be totally uncapped, so you can make as many awesome wrestlers as you want!

Each wrestler will be endowed with their own abilities, strengths, weaknesses and overall styles, making for a truly unpredictable and true-to-life wrestling gaming experience.

The Tokens – or $WM – can be earned in-game by players completing tasks, winning matches, and being an overall badass player. Plus, the more you win with a specific character, the more value you will bring to that NFT as it becomes stronger and stronger as they progress through the game. It pays to be a top star in the Wrestling Metaverse.

Who knows? Eventually, your character might become Wrestling Metaverse Champion!!

$WM by the numbers

  • The total supply of $WM will be 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) and that number will never (EVERRRR!)  increase.

  • The community rewards/emission will be 250,000,000.

  • 100,000,000 will be set aside for ecosystem development, with 40,000,000 set aside for ecosystem growth.

  • 80,000,000 will be provided as a founder pre-seed.

  • 45,000,000 will be made available for public sale, with 19,500,000 going to private sale.

Reinventing In-Game Rewards Forever

It could be argued that inflationary native tokens damage early backers of projects and de-incentivize players from investing their time and resources into a game. Tokens and games which lose value and popularity overtime could create a slippery slope no player or token holder wants to find themselves trapped on.

The team at Wrestling Metaverse are aiming  to create a sustainable in-game economy and price stability of the $WM token and WM NFTs through three main mechanisms: 

  1. The Wrestling Metaverse will be the first ever Play and Earn game to issue Stablecoins as part of its Rewards to Players. Stablecoins will be issued as rewards in addition to the $WM token, reducing inflationary challenges faced by current gaming tokens;

  2. Creating powerful NFT upgrade mechanics that incentivize players to use their $WM token to further upgrade their NFTs which in turn yields higher rewards and increases the overall value of the NFT – without making the game become Pay to Win; and

  3. Utilizing the WM Treasury to yield farm Stablecoins and eventually perform NFT and token Buy Backs.

In short, the Wrestling Metaverse is aiming to be a sustainable and ultimately enjoyable Play and Earn environment for years to come.

The Future

Right now, the entire team is working hard to make the Wrestling Metaverse a digital reality, but we’re told a late 2022 Alpha release is the ideal goal.

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